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Five tips to ace your IELTS

by Deepshikha Katuri
23rd Nov 22 11:05 am

IELTS is the International English Language Test taken by students and people aiming to move abroad who don’t have English as their native language. This test will help the officials understand the grip you have on the English language.

Taking the IELTS doesn’t have to be scary, even though a lot can depend on your result in this make-or-break test. Test preparation doesn’t necessarily have to be long, tedious, frustrating, or exhausting. There are various ways you can prepare to achieve your desired score. Above all, preparation is the only way if you want to ace IELTS.

Types of IELTS tests

There are two ways to take your IELTS; CBT is a computer-based test, and the other one is Pen paper-based. You can book your slot with whatever you would like. The test format, questions, and time allotted are the same in computer-based and paper-based tests the only difference is going to be in the way you deliver the test.

If you take the computer-based test, you will do the listening, reading, and writing sections on the computer. If you choose to take the test on paper, you will have to do the listening, reading, and writing on the paper. The speaking test, however, will be given face-to-face with an examiner for both computer and paper-based. This will occur before or after the listening, reading, and writing sections.

IELTS offers two types of tests, one of them being Academic which is majorly taken by students aiming for their further education. The other one is General Training. If you are going for work or below degree level, you should take a General Training IELTS.

Suppose you aim for your higher education or seek professional registration in English-speaking countries. In that case, the academic test tests officials determine the proficiency level at the academic level or even in a professional sector, for instance, a doctor, lawyer, professor, or any position requiring basic communication in their country.

The General Training is for people who wish to work and live abroad. It mainly focuses on the communication level, comfort, and the person’s English language proficiency while communicating in everyday situations.

Here’s how you can master your IELTS tests

You can be stressed about taking the test but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are some preparation tips that will help you get through IELTS.


Firstly, give yourself a reasonable amount of time, at least two-three weeks of dedicated period of preparation. Spend a couple of days understanding the test format. You really need to grasp the different parts of the test, what all are included, and the timing of each section. This will help you know what to expect on your test day.

Make the most of free mock test papers.

There are several free practice tests that are available online. These will help you prepare well and understand the types of questions you will encounter in the test. You will be ready to hear different accents and a variety of speakers. Practice it regularly before your test date. Each section of the test has a different set of questions. With practice, you will be able to understand the question types in the test. Taking the mock test will improve your skills, and understanding the test content in advance will help you achieve your desired score.

Efficient time management

You need to be on the go the moment your exam starts. Each section of the test has a limited amount of time, and once you miss any question. You might not remember it, and it may slip off your mind, and you will lose valuable time, which will result in the overall score. Use the restroom before your test because you don’t want to be wasting any of your time by wanting to use it during your test.

Follow the guidelines

Read and understand the guidelines appropriately. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your examiner. Don’t hesitate to ask. All the instructions will help you clearly understand how to attempt every section. Remember that the written portion of the test requires you to write a certain number of words and follow all instructions carefully.

Stay cool and calm

We all tend to get very anxious during any major tests. Relax! Stay calm. We know it’s not easy, but freaking out will not affect your score. Have your aim clear and stay confident throughout the test. You’ll ace it! The more you freak out, the more you rush things, which does not help you while taking your test.

Get good rest before the test day.

The test is 2 hours and 40 mins long for the listening, reading, and writing sections. Make sure you are well relaxed and prepared to sit throughout the test. Get enough sleep the night before. You don’t have to go through any sort of material right before your test since it might end up confusing you. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Post-test application process

Once you finish your exam, you’ll be ready to make your applications and begin the process. The process is exhausting and takes a lot of your patience. While you are in your application process, you should also keep an eye on everything else you need. Keep an eye on your admits, and check your emails every day so that you don’t miss out on any of the information that you might receive from your university.

Finding the appropriate accommodation

You also need to make sure that you know about the student accommodation in the universities to whom you have applied. Most of the time, when the semester end breaks are around the corner, the good areas and decent houses are all booked, and you are most probably left with not many options, so for that to not happen, you need to keep an eye on the student accommodation. For example, if you get into a university in London, you can opt for your essential student services at student housing London and avail of many offers!

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