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Expert give top tips to keep your home clean from coronavirus

by LLP Reporter
18th Mar 20 1:33 pm

An expert has revealed top tips to keep your home clean in the fight against coronavirus by disinfecting “high touch areas.”

During an interview with Express.co.uk, Edward Jonkler, the director for house and office deep cleaning service Remora Cleaning warned families must focus on “high touch areas.”

These areas are light switches, door handles, taps and doors.

Jonkler said, “I think the main focus is for something known as high touch areas.

“Such as door handles, taps and other areas that are handled a lot.

“The main way the disease is passed is via respiratory droplets so the primary method will be coughing and sneezing rather than actual surfaces that have been handled.

“But the surfaces you want to look for are the things people tend to touch through the day.”

He explained that people must prepare for the spread of coronavirus in different ways.

He said, “If you live on your own that is one thing but if you live with your family or are in the workspace then it is another thing.

“Generally, if you are comfortable you don’t have the virus then unless someone is coming into the property there isn’t much to worry about.

“But if you have a large household or you think someone might actually have coronavirus then that is a whole other thing.

“Generally, I would say people should be isolating themselves if they have the virus or suspect they have the virus.

“In that case, the areas that they use and they go through and the things they touch should be disinfected on a regular basis.”

Discussing not touching your face Jonkler said, “If you can’t resist touching your face, nose or mouth, then you should wash your hands as much as you can.

“Alcohol gel is one of the best things you can have as long as it is over 70% proof.

“Bleach of a higher concentration is also going to be effective.

“Bleach and also antiseptic type disinfectants and alcohol wipes are also available from what I can see online.”

The government have announced on Wednesday in the House of Commons that emergency legislation is to be put in place to protect those who could face eviction if they cannot pay their rent.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said private tenants were “worried sick” they might not be able to pay their rents if they fell ill

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