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Can a new build be better than a renovation?

by John Saunders
12th Aug 22 11:17 am

On rare occasions, renovating and remodelling your home can be more trouble than it’s worth. Troublesome contractors can often make the process more taxing than it needs to be.

Moreover, those carrying out a renovation try to manage their stress levels but often struggle. In the most irksome circumstances, there can be such a feeling of regret that one wishes they could demolish everything and start over.

Well, why not do something in that vein? There can be many benefits from creating your home with a fresh slate rather than tinkering and tailoring as time goes on. Here’s what they might be!

A sense of closure

Renovations are often about ironing out creases and stomping out imperfections. For some people, there is no endgame. The first renovation can have a domino effect, leading to an obsessive series of further changes.

Only some improvements will benefit the homeowner in terms of adding value, too. The rest can resolve minor property flaws that aren’t always worth addressing. Before you know it, you can be propelled down a rabbit hole of constant change, hoping to make your home feel fresh and exciting once again.

A new build can achieve all of this but with a sense of closure. You might mull over the designs somewhat, but what’s built can stay, often permanently. The process stops, and you’re free to enjoy your life without obsessing over every detail. After all, you have creative control during this process, enabling you to build your dream home on the first try if you take that opportunity.

Warranty protection

Some rogue contractors carrying out renovation work can perform poorly and vanish into the ether. Rogue builders have a reputation for doing this too, but certain checks can hold them to account.

You should look into the 10-year house warranty, which resourcefully covers builders and new build homeowners alike in fixing latent defects. New build properties can have a reputation for having the odd fault, but with these measures in place, they can be swiftly resolved. Most lenders won’t deal with builders who don’t have a warranty like this, so you can rest assured that they’re commonplace.

There’s always an element of uncertainty when it comes to dramatic property changes. However, you might be able to have a better idea of where you stand with a 10-year house warranty. It’s always good to know your rights and have a plan of action when things go wrong; for some renovations, that’s not always the case.

New location

For a new build, you need a fresh plot of land so that builders can get to work. Many benefits arise from this.

If you decide on a new build, you can decide where to relocate. Do you need to be closer to the shops or places of work? Are you looking to get more natural light into your property? Might you crave a better view? If so, a new build, south facing property located by your nearest city might help fulfil these ambitions.

There are some things a renovation can’t do. Even if you install bigger windows, if there are huge trees in the way, some natural light will be restricted from entering your home. Truly start fresh with a new build!

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