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Cameron to offer empty government buildings to entrepreneurs

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23rd Jan 12 2:54 pm

Disused government offices are to be made available to entrepreneurs trying to launch their own businesses, David Cameron will announce today.

The prime minister will reveal the plans during a visit to Yorkshire where he is due to deliver a speech to a group of budding entrepreneurs.

The decision to offer these workspaces is part of a bid to support new enterprises and deliver a much needed boost to the private sector.

News that the government hopes to offer more than 300 premises at low rates for one year will no doubt be well received.

“Expenditure on rented office space is one of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs,” said Olly Olsen, Co-CEO of The Office Group.

”So today’s move by David Cameron to use Government offices to help budding entrepreneurs launch their own business is welcomed by The Office Group.

“Monthly office space is at record levels, with tenants paying up to £1,200 per workstation, per month in London.  This scheme could help to cut this cost and help Britain’s economy grow.”

Cameron is expected to say: “The British government has a huge stock of buildings at our disposal.”

“The first priority for the ones we aren’t using is to sell them off, but in the meantime, many are going to be sitting idle.

“So let’s match the capacity we’ve got with the need that’s out there. Let’s provide office space where we can to those who can use it.”

It’s a win-win situation for the cash-strapped treasury which is set to receive the extra revenue on empty buildings while they await resale.

“I said 2012 has got to be the year we go for it, the year we light new fires of ambition in our economy, the year we get behind Britain’s grafters, doers, hard-workers and entrepreneurs,” Cameron will say.

“This isn’t something we’d quite like to do – it’s something we’ve got to do because enterprise is critical to this country’s future.

“Enterprise is what we do in Britain. This is the year that, more than ever, we’ve got to go for it.”

The announcement will come alongside the launch of a campaign aimed at encouraging people to believe “there is a business inside everyone”.

Be prepared for a blitzkrieg of advertising heralding “The Business In You” initiative, which will invite companies to hold workshops and give advice on facing some of business’s biggest issues.

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