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Brits would consider swapping homes with a Parisian to attend the Olympic Games

29th May 24 4:58 pm

It’s the world’s most prestigious and anticipated sporting event, promising crowds, entertainment, and athletic excellence.

Yet, new research from leading home swapping platform HomeExchange reveals almost half (43%) of Parisians plan to leave the host city for the two weeks the Olympics is taking place, with many more (18%) staying, but wishing they could be somewhere else.

In the new study, 500 Parisians responded to the event taking place in their home city, they cited crowded transport (69%), too many tourists (68%) and overcrowded favourite bars and restaurants (41%) as key factors for the exodus. The research also revealed the ten cities they’d most like to swap with, with Barcelona (18%), Rome (17%) and London (14%) leading the way.

Meanwhile, with temporary accommodation prices skyrocketing up to 300% during the fortnight, 67% of Brits believe that inflated hotel and rental prices is the biggest disincentive from attending the event, just a short journey from our shores.

Yet, one in four Brits (24%) and a third (32%) of Londoners said they would definitely consider swapping homes with a Parisian for the fortnight to soak up the crowds and sporting spectacle if it meant they could avoid the eye-watering costs of hotels and rentals.

Emmanuel Arnaud, CEO of HomeExchange says: “It’s an event that comes round only every four years, a celebration of sport, culture, and international togetherness. Yet, it’s also a time when hotels and owners of rental accommodation are exploiting the demand. So many potential visitors from the U.K. could miss out, or pay way more than they bargained for, due to the overinflated price of accommodation.

At the same time, almost half the residential properties in Paris could be empty due to locals who want a bit of peace and quiet away from the crowds. Swapping is the ideal solution to keep everyone happy without breaking the bank.”

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