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Best places to survive a second lockdown

by LLP Staff Reporter
22nd Sep 20 2:13 pm

With buyers across the country snapping up homes with gardens, research by Andrews Property Group, reveals the top towns and cities in the UK if you want a property with outside space.

Andrews looked at properties currently listed for sale across more than 100 major towns and cities in the UK, and what percentage of those properties have a garden*.

Gardens are now top of many buyers’ wish lists since we came out of lockdown and home working became the norm. And competition is likely to be fierce for any properties with decent-sized  gardens, as fears grow that the Government will announce a second lockdown.

According to the latest property listings, Chesterfield in the East Midlands, is the UK’s greenest town, with nine out of ten properties (90.6%) listed for sale having a garden. This compares to just 44.8% of current property stock in Gateshead in the North East, which is now under local lockdown.

The research reveals that one third (33%) of properties for sale in major towns and cities don’t have a garden; although that still leaves two thirds of homes on the market that do. However, there’s a huge variation between the top and bottom towns when it comes to percentage of listings with outside space.

For example, looking at properties for sale in the largest UK cities by population, Leeds is the greenest, with more than three-quarters (78.3%) of current listings having a garden, followed by Bristol (73.5%). However, just over half the property stock on the market in Liverpool (51.9%) and Manchester (52.7%), has any outside space.

In London, not surprisingly outer boroughs have more properties with gardens, with 78.9% of listings in Sutton having outside space compared to just 37.5% in Hackney.

Table: Top and bottom UK towns and cities for properties on the market with gardens.

Town/City Region Total number of properties for sale Properties for sale  with gardens % of properties on the market with a garden
Chesterfield East Midlands 924 837 90.6%
Mansfield East Midlands 406 364 89.7%
Durham North East 213 189 88.7%
Telford West Midlands 677 591 87.3%
Grimsby Yorkshire and the Humber 280 243 86.8%
London London 78,080 46,540 59.6%
Manchester North West 3,000 1,580 52.7%
Liverpool North West 3,210 1,666 51.9%
Salford North West 1,001 463 46.2%
Gateshead North East 210 94 44.8%


Table: Top and bottom London boroughs for properties on the market with gardens.

London borough Total number of properties for sale Properties for sale  with gardens % of properties on the market with a garden
Sutton 1,309 1,044 79.8%
Havering 1,522 1,202 79.0%
Bexley 1,061 189 78.9%
Bromley 1,896 1,463 77.2%
Hillingdon 280 243 76.6%
Islington 2,716 1,249 46.0%
Camden 2,966 1,347 45.4%
Westminster 5,592 2,295 41.0%
Tower Hamlets 4,390 1,704 38.8%
Hackney 2,212 829 37.5%


David Westgate, group chief executive Andrews Property Group said, “Lockdown has changed how people view their homes and that goes for buyers and what they’re looking for in a property. The prospect of further waves of coronavirus and a shift towards home working has seen a decent outside space top many buyers’ wish lists.

“This causes its one issues though because not everyone wants to, or can move out of town to a more rural area where space is less restricted and there are more homes with gardens. Buyers are likely to face stiffer competition for quality properties with outside space if they live in one of the towns at the bottom of the league table, although our research didn’t look at the size of the outside space, and which towns have a larger stock of properties with big gardens.

“Buyers who are looking for properties with outside space should have a clear idea what they’re looking for; whether they want an acre of land and are happy to maintain it, or a small patio just so they have somewhere to sit and have a drink in the evening.

“Expectations should also be realistic. It’s unlikely properties in the centre of town will have substantial gardens, so buyers will probably need to look further out to find that dream property with a garden you can let the dog out to roam.”

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