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Beauchamp Estates reveals £3.4bn of property deals

by LLP Reporter
10th Jun 19 3:31 pm

Ultra-prime multinational estate agent Beauchamp Estates , founded in 1979, has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a spectacular fashion-inspired retrospective art and property exhibition, collaborating with the Gazelli Art House Gallery at 39 Dover Street in Mayfair, and involving Tony Page Bespoke Events, and Soho House DJ Danny Nutt.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary Beauchamp Estates transformed the 1,390 sqft gallery with a special Photo Retrospective exhibition, with the space showcasing framed photographs of 40 properties behind 40 trophy deals done by the agency: one for each of the last 40-years. Involving celebrities, billionaires, developers and some of the most famous properties in the world, combined the deals are worth £3.4bn, based on current values.

Alongside the Dior-style retrospective in the gallery, Beauchamp Estates also produced a special limited-edition retrospective brochure, a printed marketing piece containing stunning photography and information on the 40 deals and properties. The brochure was given to each of the VIP guests attending the retrospective exhibition.

Founded by Gary Hersham in 1979, Beauchamp Estates has been involved in some of the largest and most valuable deals in London and beyond, with the business expanding from its Mayfair HQ on Curzon Street to establishing offices in St John’s Wood and Marylebone, and overseas offices in Cannes and Mykonos and an associate office in New York.

Gary Hersham, Founding Director of Beauchamp Estates sayid, “We are delighted to be celebrating 40 years of success and I am extremely proud of the Beauchamp Estates team and everything the business has achieved over the last 40 years. The market-making deals achieved are a testament to the team’s dedication. We have exciting expansion plans for the future, in both London and overseas markets.”

As the retrospective exhibition reveals, Beauchamp Estates’ first deal back in 1979 was an apartment on Upper Brook Street in Mayfair, which sold for £120,000; a deal worth £3.5m at current values.

In 1980, a property at 17 Eaton Place in Belgravia was sold by Beauchamp Estates for £900,000, a £60m deal at current values.

In 1983 Beauchamp Estates sold the UK Government’s grand Crown Agents for Overseas Governments building in SW1 for a then record £11m,  the deal would be worth £150m currently. It was the largest commercial property deal ever done in London at the time.

In 1984 the agency sold Park House in Kensington for £4.35m, equivalent to £40m in 2019. It was the biggest resi-deal done in Kensington and Chelsea during the 1980s and Park House is now reported to be worth over £100m.

In 1989 at the height of Thatcher’s economic boom Beauchamp Estates sold BP’s former HQ Britannic House, a City of London skyscraper now known as Citypoint, to Pillar Properties for a record £198m, a deal worth £850m at current values. It was the largest commercial property deal done in the UK that year and remains one of the largest deals ever done in the City office market.

In 1990 Beauchamp Estates sold Blundell House & Little Blundell House, a grand Kensington mansion and related lodge house for £10m, equivalent to £60m in current values. It was the largest deal ever done on Campden Hill Road at that time.

In 1998 Beauchamp Estates sold a large contemporary house at 22 Weymouth Street for £2m (£12m in current values) in under four hours; at the time it set a record for the fastest sale for a London property valued at over £1m.

In 2001 the agency was involved in the sale of a former Embassy converted into a mansion on Kensington Palace Gardens, in a deal worth £57 million – equivalent to £200 million currently. The deal triggered a wave of other conversions of former Embassies on Kensington Palace Gardens back into private mega-mansions.

In 2005 Beauchamp Estates sold Sloane House in Chelsea for £26.5n, equivalent to £150m in 2019. In 2009 Beauchamp Estates sold the magnificent Beechwood House in Highgate, a mansion set in 13 acres of landscaped grounds, for £48m, a deal worth £100m in current values.

In 2009 in another high profile deal that caught the attention of the world’s media, Beauchamp Estates was involved in the sale of the La Belle Epoque Penthouse in Monaco for £143.2m (equivalent to £217m today). It was (and remains) the largest property deal ever done in Monaco. The property is now reported to be worth over £255m.

In 2013 Beauchamp Estates sold the bulk of Grosvenor Crescent in Belgravia – at the time in need of major refurbishment – for over £100 million (in excess of £150 million at current values). It was a record deal for Belgravia at the time.

In 2018 Beauchamp Estates was involved in two major mega-deals. In Washington DC the agency sold a magnificent country mansion for £53.4m, a record transaction for the area which is famous for its grand country mansions.

In London’s Belgrave Square the agency sold a grand mansion, originally the London home of the Dukes of Westminster, for £50m, one of the biggest deals in the UK capital last year.

Beauchamp Estates has recently let a mews house on Wilton Mews for a period of 12 months in a deal worth £1.04m, one of the biggest rental deals done in the UK capital.

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