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Add value to your home by perfection finishing touches

by John Saunders
3rd Feb 19 12:57 pm

How many times have you ever looked at homes in the magazines or walked through a model house and asked yourself, “What can I do to make my house look this good?” Two words… Finish carpentry!

Décor pieces and furniture play a significant role in beautifying a home, but what makes a house stand out are its finishing touches.

So what is home finishing touches? Finishing touches are the final detailing made to a house after the main building of the structure has been completed. These touches include installation of baseboards, stairs, window casings, moulding, hardwood flooring, and exterior architectural detailing.

Usually, this work is left to finish carpenters, but there are also fun DIY projects for anyone good with their hands. When finishing touches are excellently done, they add style to any home and significantly increase the home’s value.

Some common and easy to execute finishing styles include:

  • Trims
  • Coffered ceilings
  • Decorative wall fixtures
  • Internal doors
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Mantels and
  • Window seats

These are just some of the few things you can add to your home to amplify its design and increase its overall value.

With a variety of finishing design options available today, where do you begin? Here are excellent places to start your home’s perfection finishing touches.

Internal doors and spaces

One trend that has hit a bulb with homeowners is installing barn doors indoor rather than the usual doors. Barn doors can transform any room by creating a unique finishing that rejuvenates the interior. There are lots of options to choose from too. Todd doors, for example, has a variety of rustic and contemporary looking barn doors that can suit your style. As a final touch to this finishing, you might also want to consider installing shiplap ceilings and walls also rustic beams with modern hardware.

Coffered ceilings

Installing textured ceilings to cover the imperfections in your home may be a low-cost option but does nothing to add your home’s style. If you are looking for an alternative way to style your ceilings, then you should go for decorative ceilings such as coffers.

Coffers are patterns of sunken panels or recesses often in a rectangular or square shape. When installed as ceilings, each coffer panel is surrounded by shallow or deep beams thus creating a decorative grid-like pattern on the roof. The coffered ceiling design captivates the eyes of anyone in the room and is a brilliant way of utilizing the large vertical areas in your home. Experimenting with the colour scheme of the coffer panels and beams will make the ceiling design more attractive.

Decorative wall features

Out with the simple base moulding and chair rail styling and in with the more glamorous look that features beautiful wooden wall panelling, wainscoting, generous baseboards, large window casings, and custom ceiling. Even though wainscoting, shiplap and baseboards look has been there a while, there are plenty of design options to meet your styling needs.

Mantels and fireplace surround

Want to make the fireplace the main attraction of your living or family room? Then you shouldn’t limit your creativity as there are a plethora of design options to choose from including the beach casual, rustic lodge, elegant contemporary and anything inbetween.


A gorgeous looking home is in the details, and perfect finishing touches is dependent on the artistry. To transform any room from functional to spectacular remember to choose a design that brings out the character of the space. A well done finishing touch will most certainly add value to your home.

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