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Six good signs your house will sell quickly

by John Saunders
11th Aug 23 12:37 pm

Did you know that 4.86 million units have been added to the estimated total sales for 2023? If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you’ve likely Googled this question a hundred times.

But the answer isn’t quite so simple. While it depends on where you live, there are some good signs you can watch for that might show your house will sell.

Want to learn more? Here are the good signs your house will sell quickly!

1. If the house features are enhanced

The good features of a house can make it especially attractive to potential buyers. Some good features that a house will sell quickly are spacious rooms, ample storage space, modern kitchen appliances, updated bathrooms, beautiful landscaping, and proximity to amenities.

Spacious rooms

Spacious rooms are among the top features homebuyers seek when looking for a home. Having a home with generous-sized bedrooms is a great selling point and increases the likelihood of your home selling quickly.

Bigger rooms also allow for more light and air circulation, making the space more inviting and comfortable. If your house has spacious rooms, it will usually give the impression that it’s been well taken care of, which can add value. These are a bonus and a good indicator that your house will sell quickly.

Ample storage space

Well-designed storage can add value and appeal to potential buyers, which can make it an easier sale. Having designated spaces to store items makes it easier for potential buyers to envision what your life in the home could be like.

Open closets prove buyers have an infinite space to store their clothing, supplies, and whatever fits. Built-in furniture is a great way to impress buyers, as it shows that you have taken the time to customise the house to maximise storage and look good.

Plenty of shelves can show that buyers will be able to display their favorite items and decor with ease. Well-designed kitchen cabinets allow all the dishware, storage containers, and appliances to be organised away.

Modern kitchen appliances

Quality appliances can be a great sign that they will quickly sell a house. This makes it an ideal place for buyers to move in and begin their next chapter.

New stainless steel devices with adjustable ovens and stoves, energy-efficient refrigerators, and quiet dishwashers will all draw buyers in. With clean and up-to-date countertops, buyers will be more likely to appreciate the look and functionality of the kitchen. Modern kitchen appliances are a great sign that the house will quickly and easily be sold.

Updated bathrooms

Attractive bathrooms in a house that is in good condition can show prospective buyers that they’re getting a good value. Updated bathrooms with modern fixtures, tile, countertops, and vanities can help a house stand out in the market.

In general, an updated bathroom may be a sign that the rest of the house has been similarly updated and taken care of. Also, a well-maintained bathroom helps to show buyers that there are unlikely to be any major repairs needed. All this makes it much more likely that the house will find a buyer quickly at a good price.

Beautiful landscaping

Beautiful landscaping can be a powerful sign that your house will sell quickly. It drew buyers to homes with well-maintained lawns, vibrant flowers, lush trees, and shrubbery. Low-maintenance landscaping is often seen as a bonus, making your property even more attractive to potential buyers.

Also, a garden that does not need a lot of upkeep is a big plus for people who may not have the time or resources to maintain a traditional garden. A home that offers curb appeal and privacy can be a powerful draw for potential buyers.

Solar energy system

The presence of solar energy in a house is often a major selling point. This is because potential buyers are often amazed by the idea of reducing their energy bills.

The solar energy system should be located in an area with plentiful sunlight. This is because solar energy production relies on the sun’s rays, making solar in this location far more valuable. This is an excellent indication that your house will sell quickly as potential buyers will likely be willing to pay more for a house that has plenty of sun exposure and a good solar energy system installed.

2. Check the house if it’s in pristine condition

In selling a house, the condition of the house is of paramount importance. The house should be free from repairs. Signs of wear and tear, including cracked walls, window leaks, and damage to flooring, should all be repaired before selling.

Also, the house should be up to date with the latest trends in home decor. Potential buyers should be able to picture themselves living in the home after minor modifications. Clutter should be kept to a minimum.

Rooms should look large and inviting rather than cramped or too busy. The kitchen and bathrooms should be bright and clean. Updates in fixtures and appliances can help persuade prospective buyers.

Finally, fresh paint can liven up the walls, making the house look inviting and modern. These good signs can help entice potential buyers and make a home more likely to sell.

3. If you have the ideal location

With the question of what makes a house sell, the location plays a major role. Your house should be in a sought-after area. For example, a house close to schools, public transportation, coffee shops, and amenities in this location will have a much better chance of selling.

Being in a neighborhood with good infrastructure, security, and presentable types of homes is also a key element. A house in a desirable neighborhood should be near local places of employment.

Buyers are seeking a safe and convenient living experience, which makes the location an important factor when determining if a house will sell quickly.

4. If you have a reasonable price

When pricing your house for sale, it is important to consider how quickly you want to sell and what the market is demanding. Some good signs suggest your house will sell at the price you’ve listed. If you are getting lots of inquiries about your house, it is a good sign that you are on the right track.

If multiple people offer on your house, it is a good sign that the price is competitive. Also, if you get offers after listing your home, this shows the market is responding to your price. And, if other houses in your area are selling, it means you have priced your house.

If the appraisal report comes back higher than your listed price, again, this suggests you’re in an excellent position. If you are getting offers close to or higher than your listed price, this indicates the market is willing to pay the price you’ve set for your house. These good signs all point to your house selling quickly once you list it.

5. Good presentation during house viewing

The presentation of a house is a key factor in ascertaining how quickly it will be sold. An attractive curb appeal and well-kept front yard are the first impressions of potential buyers and can set the house apart from its competition. Interiors should be clean, uncluttered, and well-maintained.

Neutral colors and fixtures on the walls and floors offer an appealing backdrop. Lighting, air conditioning, and other appliances should be in good working order. A welcoming atmosphere should be fostered, to make the house feel possible and homely.

Finally, buyers should have access to any extra documents such as warranties or certificates. By implementing these measures, you can reassure homeowners that they will sell their houses quickly.

6. If the market is thriving

If the market is thriving, there is a strong demand for houses in your area. A thriving market will fuel your potential buyers’ desire to make an offer.

Furthermore, you should expect quick offers if you have multiple buyers bidding on your house. This means it has a high value in comparison to other current listings in the area. Also, if the market is thriving, buyers are in a more secure financial position and have more money to offer and to make a quick decision on your property. You might also consider moving out and renting if the cost of renting is possible.

Take note of the good signs your house will sell

Overall, it’s vital to consider factors that can help make your house more attractive to buyers. Make sure you maximise your chances of a quick sale by checking the condition, location, price, and features of the house. You can also ensure that the presentation is good during house viewing and sell only when the market is thriving.

By considering all these aspects, you can guarantee that your house will be on the market for a while. Now that you know the good signs your house will sell quickly, take action and make it happen!

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