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73% of homeowners admit their homes are full of clutter

by LLP Editor
27th Jan 22 1:06 pm

Research from the game-changing property platform, Boomin, has found that 73% of UK homeowners admit to having filled at least half of their home with clutter, which could cost them when they come to sell as half of homebuyers find it a deterrent during the viewings process.

Boomin asked UK homeowners just how cluttered their homes had become and if more time spent at home during the pandemic had added to the issue.

How cluttered are our homes?

The results show that 73% of us are living in homes that have been considerably taken over by our clutter. 34% admitted to their home being half full, that’s 36.73 square metres of cluttered space equating to on average £135,354 in value per property in the current market.

27% stated their home is at least three quarters full meaning a huge 55 square metres of their property has been taken over equating to £203,031 in value per property, while one in 10 admitted to living in complete clutter.

Just 17% said their home was only a quarter full of clutter, with just one in ten living a clutter free lifestyle.

Increased clutter due to pandemic purchases

For some homeowners, more time spent at home during the pandemic has led to an increased level of household clutter, with 25% admitting they had purchased household or garden items during lockdown that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Most common clutter

When it comes to the most common causes of clutter, homeowners are overfilling their homes with furniture, while clothing and kids toys also ranked high.

Work-related equipment and resources were also a big source of household clutter, no doubt increasing as a result of the pandemic and work from home restrictions.

Too much tech, plenty of pet-related items, gym equipment and artwork also ranked as some of the most common items currently cluttering up our homes.

Could too much clutter cost you when selling?

However, too much clutter could cost you when it comes to selling your home. Boomin also found that 51% of buyers would be deterred from buying a home filled with a large level of clutter.

Michael Bruce, CEO and Founder of Boomin, says: “As a nation, we tend to consume far more than we need and even a harmless trip to IKEA for bedsheets can turn into a spending spree on other non-essential household items.

This consumer behaviour has only intensified during the pandemic as months on end during lockdown saw us spend less on our social lives and more on things to help us pass the time. The result of which is that many of us now have even more clutter clogging up our homes than ever before.

However, a cluttered home can be detrimental, especially if you’re looking to sell. Many homebuyers may be put off by a large level of clutter when viewing your home, so it could help to fast track your spring clean if you are listing your home for sale.”

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