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6 epic Airbnb destinations

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28th Jan 16 12:00 pm

You would not believe some of the places you can stay

Fancy staying in a luxury gated housing complex in a hot location for £11 per person?

What if it was in a region of Pakistan that is popular with the Taliban and where the Foreign Office advises not to travel to?

Yeah, there’s always a catch.

Here are 6 slightly more dreamy destinations on Airbnb:

Cubehouse – £106 per night

Airbnb cool place

It’s weird, but we think we like it. The cubehouse is in the centre of Rotterdam. It has three floors and the top one has a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.

The seashell house – £179 per night

Airbnb cool place

It’s cute, it’s quaint and it’s Mexican. The seashell house, or casa caracol, can sleep four people and is just 15 minutes away from the beach (by golf cart).

The bubble – £117 per night

Airbnb cool place

Set into the beautiful French countryside is a unique bubble tent structure which allows you to sleep in a real bed while gazing up at the stars.

Triangle cottage – £158 per night

Airbnb cool place

If you’re visiting Iceland but want to make the most of the amazing scenery, this pointy cottage might be for you. It’s right next to the geysirs and is surrounded by wild blueberries.

Castle – £500 per night

Airbnb cool place

You can stay in this amazing castle without leaving the UK. 12th Century Dairsie Castle, which was restored in the 1990s, is located in historic Fife, just 15 minutes’ drive from St Andrews and an hour from Edinburgh. It sleeps a whopping 12 people and is a great venue for an event.

Dog-shaped B&B – £71 per night

Airbnb cool place

“Only in America”, you might say when you see the picture of the Dog Bark Park Inn B&B in Idaho. It’s a beagle-shaped one unit inn in a rural part of Idaho surrounded by prairie and mountains. It can sleep four people and, of course, a well-behaved dog.



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