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£1m for 1 room: Inside Mayfair’s most expensive studio

by LLP Editor
7th Aug 14 11:13 am

Three words that explain why a one-bedroom home is on sale for a staggering one million pounds – location, location, location.

Mayfair studio

A one-bedroom home in Mayfair is on the market for £999,999. The 321 sq ft home on Upper Brook Street has a main room measuring 17.5ft x 12.6ft that includes the bedroom and living room. The kitchen measures only 6ft x 5.3ft and the bathroom is 8ft x 6ft.

Mayfair studio

Located on the fourth floor, the home is a stone’s throw away from Grosvenor Square and Hyde Park.

Mayfair studio

Chris Sellwood, who is selling the property, told the Standard: “It will be the sort of person who does business in London and usually stays at Claridge’s.

They will think: “Hang on, I could buy myself a flat and come and go as I please and also have a long term investment.

“They will also want somewhere to park their cash and see London as a safe haven.”

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