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£10.5m London flat is listed on Gumtree – most expensive ever on site

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16th Dec 13 9:34 am

Gumtree has seen its most expensive-ever property listing with the recent addition of a classified ad for a £10.5m flat for sale.

The South Bank riverside apartment has four bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows and a library.

It boasts 4,500 square feet of floorspace spread over three floors, and has a whopping 987 years left on the lease.

Gumtree flat for £10.5m

Denton Consultants, the estate agent that listed the property, said it wanted to make the flat available to a broad range of buyers.

Of course, it might have also realised the PR value in a nifty little gimmick like becoming the listers of the ad for the most expensive-ever residential property on Gumtree.

Gumtree flat for £10.5m

The Standard reports that Denton CEO Mustafa Kondoz said: “We use Gumtree not only to connect with local and national clients but also for international clients searching for a property in London.

“As an international property consultancy firm we have found that Gumtree helps broaden our reach to a wider range of potential customers.

“This apartment is a dream home in a highly sought after location. We anticipate a quick sale.”

Gumtree flat for £10.5m

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