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Why time-saving businesses are proving so successful

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11th Apr 18 3:18 pm

Opinion piece

We all lead incredibly busy lifestyles. Work pressures, family life, and social commitments mean it can be hard to make the time for general life admin. Whether that’s day-to-day chores such as walking the dog or cleaning the house, or bigger tasks such as selling your property.

I originally founded WeBuyAnyHome because I noticed a gap in the market for a service that would help those who need to sell their homes quickly; whether that’s because they are going through a divorce, they have inherited a property they are not in a position to keep, or they are looking to relocate – WeBuyAnyHome is there to ensure home owners make a quick sale (in as little as seven days) without the stress this process can sometimes bring.

WeBuyAnyHome isn’t the only company offering consumers a hassle-free, time-saving service. During the past five years in particular, we have seen a boom in businesses whose main purpose is to make things more convenient and time-efficient for consumers. Companies such as Deliveroo, Handy and Task Rabbit are just a few examples of business success stories which cater to the so-called ‘convenience-seeker’ market.

A recent study has found that people who spend money on services that will save them time are generally happier than those who don’t – demonstrating that there is a real demand for businesses which reduce the stresses of day-to-day life. In addition to this, with the average Briton working 43.6 hours per week, it’s understandable to see why many people are turning to the wealth of apps and online sites that can help make our lives easier – whether that’s to find a service that takes away the pressure of having to cook dinner for your family after a long hard day at the office, or a service that takes on a much bigger task, such as trying to sell your property quickly.

It has become more and more common for consumers to use services which help them to live an easier life – for example many people enlist the help of a cleaner, a personal trainer, or nanny when they are feeling particularly overwhelmed with endless ‘to do’ lists. As consumers, we are even employing other people to babysit our dogs and play with our cats when we don’t have the time, so the trend for outsourcing is likely to become incredibly more prominent, particularly as digital services continue to rise in popularity.

I envisage that demand will continue to grow in the ‘convenience’ arena so it is a fantastic space for entrepreneurs to launch new businesses in, particularly if you have identified a gap in the market and found an innovative way to fill. The vital question for all entrepreneurs looking at the convenience market is to ask themselves, “am I offering a service that can make people’s lives easier?” Get this right, and your business should be on the path to success.

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