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Why it is good to keep plants in the home

by LLP Reporter
2nd Dec 19 4:05 pm

Having indoor plants has been quite common among new home starters as one of the ways to decorate a new home.

Plants are essential for our ecosystem, and you do not need to be a physiologist or a Botanist to know that plants are useful and look attractive. There are various reasons as to why we need to incorporate them into our home environments. Not all plants fit to be an indoor plant but there are a few out there that serve the great purpose to us as human beings and the home itself. Let’s see why we should keep plants in the home.

1. To improve our health

How do plants and health come along? Let me tell that indoor plants are much useful to our health at a higher percentage. Some of the health benefits include:

Stress Reduction

Plants help in reducing stress, and the more the place looks greener, the more we feel at ease with the environment. Humans and plants co-exist, and it is noted that houses, homes or buildings with plants the ambiance is more refreshing, relaxed, and generally more appealing. The same applies to potted plants for which studies have shown that it led to lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Enhance mental health

A research made in the United Kingdom showed that people who lived around or in homes with plants or nature felt much happier. With plants in your home, one feels less boxed or restricted. Apart from that, plants naturally provide a sense of peace around them. Thus plants are one way that mental health can be boosted.

Feeling healthy is much attributed to the aspect of having a microclimate due to increased humidity. Due to increased humidity, dust and dry air that may irritate your eyes. Additionally, the plant filters the microbes in the air and provides an immune boost, especially during the flu or cold season.

A research made in Norway showed that among the patients who had plants in their room illness had dropped by 60%.

Boost the mood

Boosting your mood improves your productivity, and since space can be dull and demotivating, having plants in your new home can be so advantageous. People who are passionate about flowers and wouldn’t mind traveling to simply buy the best flowers, then Florida offers a wide variety of choices for people to select from. While staying there during the search, take advantage of the numerous vacation rentals, that offer quite qualitative accommodation for a very reasonable price.

2. House decors

Plants are generally beautiful, and their attractiveness can be of great use in supplementing the color and beauty of your home. To maintain a new home, one needs something exceptional and having potted flowers and plants; will not only naturalize your space but also add value to what is there. The glory of blending your house decors too shall depend on how well you take care of the plants.

3. Clear Toxins in the air

The air we breathe is full of toxins and other materials that are harmful to our bodies. Breathing has been made much easier for the ability of plants to purify the air and house environment from all toxins. Plants increase moisture in the air and protect our lungs and eyes by the clearing of the dust.

Some other particular benefits include; reducing the levels of carbon dioxide, reduces some pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide that are harmful to us and keep temperatures low. From various researches conducted plants have shown an 87% reduction of pollutants in the air and getting rid of them.

4. Helps lower background noise

Plants are particularly useful in absorbing high frequencies and being that they can acoustically do this then they are best for homes situated on busy streets. Studies have shown that plant leaves absorb, distract, and reflect background noises. This makes tenants much more comfortable and happier. Become one among the most satisfied owners in your home and put more of plants.


Not all plants can serve to be indoor plants; therefore, when you are getting some plants to decorate or equip a new home, be careful of what to buy. Plants are beneficial, and having them in our homes is much better than having synthetic flowers or plants that may bring problems to our health. In a nutshell, we should take advantage of these plants for their benefits and beauty to incorporate them into our homes to realize the wellness of our ecosystem. Above all, having plants is one thing, and taking care of them is another; always ensure that they are well maintained and watered to ensure optimum utilization.

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