Home Commercial Property Who just spent £400,000 on this abandoned fort in the Thames?

Who just spent £400,000 on this abandoned fort in the Thames?

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8th Oct 14 12:07 pm

Number 1 the Thames, is a pretty snazzy address, and one lucky buyer has just snapped it up for what is comparatively, a pittance.

The building in question is a 19th century fort in the Thames Estuary, accessible only by boat or tidal causeway, and with the distinct atmosphere of a super-villain’s lair.

The bomb-proof building went on the market just two months ago with a half-a-million pound price tag, but the lucky buyer has managed to get it for a piffling £400,000 – well below the average house price in London.

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Not bad for a unique property with space for up to seven bedrooms.

When it went on the market, developers estimated it would need at least £1m worth of work done to make it habitable.

Unfortunately, the purchaser has kept their identity a secret while applying for planning permission for upgrades, so we’re yet to find out what the impregnable citadel might be transformed into.

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