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When is the best month to sell your home in the quickest time?

by LLP Reporter
27th Aug 22 12:18 pm

This latest research looks at the number of days between a listing appearing on Zoopla and a sale being agreed upon, by month, to reveal the average time it takes to sell a house and the best months to do so.

As of May this year, the average sell time – when a seller accepts an offer – is 26 days which is the quickest sale time average for the last five years; the average number of days to a sale has decreased by 60% since January 2016.

However, despite the data showing a general decrease in the time to sell a house, it must be noted that the longest average time to sell a property was in January 2019 (64 days) – 11 days longer than it took in January 2016.

When comparing months, houses put up for sale in April were the quickest to sell, taking just 36 days. January was the worst month at 54 days.

Zoopla proposes these results were likely due to the fact that during winter, people are occupied by the Christmas celebrations, and June through to August are the summer holidays.

Spring, on the other hand, is generally a much quieter time of year, which could be why houses appear to sell quicker.

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