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These are the best destinations of a restriction-free January getaway

by LLP Editor
10th Jan 22 12:28 pm

Research by hotel booking platform, hoo, reveals where the world’s best January holiday destinations can be found, based on weather, activities, affordability, and local COVID-19 travel restrictions.

One sure-fire way of beating the January blues is to pack up and take off on a winter holiday, but with so many countries to choose from and each with such varied travel restrictions, where is the best place to take a holiday this January?

For many, sunshine and warm weather are essential for a January holiday, making destinations like Australia, India, and Vietnam popular choices. But these countries are among those that continue to have restrictive travel rules in place, making a visit either impossible or highly inconvenient.

Instead, holiday goers might want to consider visiting Sri Lanka. With dry, sunny days, many say that this is the very best time to visit the South-Asian island and take advantage of the golden beaches and welcoming seas. A stay in the capital city, Colombo, costs an average of £65 per person, per night, and with access granted upon proof of vaccination and negative test results, Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations for some January sunshine.

Despite January being a winter month in Mexico, the weather is typically dry and plenty warm enough to enjoy the glorious beaches. January is also the perfect time for wildlife lovers, not least those wanting to see the migrating whales around the country’s coast. A trip to Cancun, on the Caribbean Sea, costs an average of £69 per person, per night, and travel restrictions have been removed for people who can prove they are vaccinated.

For those who are looking for snow instead of sunshine this January, Norway is the perfect holiday destination. Not only does the midwinter season open the door to all of the classic snow sports and activities but January in the north of Norway also presents one of the very best opportunities to see the majestic Northern Lights. A trip to Oslo costs an average of £70 per person, per night, and while travel rules will require a COVID-19 test on arrival, negative results will leave visitors free to explore this stunning Scandinavian country.

The most affordable of January holiday destinations to currently benefit from eased travel restrictions is Hungary. The capital city, Budapest, is a popular tourist destination all year round but, with temperatures often hitting zero and good chances of snowfall, the city is at its most magical in January. Because it’s technically the low-season, attractions such as the natural hot spring baths will be much less crowded than during the spring and summer months. A stay in Budapest costs an average of just £46.95 per person, per night and, if travellers can prove they are vaccinated, access to Hungary is no problem at all.

hoo Co-founder, Adrian Murdock, commented: “We hoped 2021 would be a better year after 2020, but really it was much the same. Very difficult for lots of people and the rise of Omicron halted many planned Christmas celebrations. With any luck, however, 2022 really is going to be better, so what better way of putting the hard times behind us than with a January getaway?

“Whether it’s sun or snow you’re looking for, there are some great locations that are not only affordable but also accessible thanks to eased travel restrictions and increasing vaccination levels.

“Add to this the fact that hotels around the world are keen to attract winter customers with generous room discounts and there’s never been a better time to take an early break from reality. Just be sure to check the current travel guidelines before booking.”

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