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These are Britain's top 20 most expensive cities to rent a room in

by LLP Editor
16th Mar 15 10:52 am

Londoners, stop moaning about your rents being mind-numbingly astronomical.

As it turns out, you’re not paying the most expensive rents in Britain.

According to flatshare website EasyRoommate’s rental index, Guernsey is the most expensive place in Britain to rent a room with residents paying average rents of £737.10 per room per month.

London came in second on the index with rents worth £651.30 and Woking came in third with £595.90.

After Guernsey and London, places in Surrey – including Woking, the Mole Valley, and Reigate and Banstead – took up top spots on the list.

Karim Goudiaby, chief executive of EasyRoommate, told the Daily Telegraph that Londoners are “flatsharing more than ever before”.

“The city attracts people from across the globe, but the housing supply hasn’t kept up with demand. The cultural norm hasn’t just shifted from buying to renting, but now Londoners are flatsharing more than ever before.”

Top 20 most expensive cities to rent in Britain (rent per room per month)

Guernsey – £737.10

London – £651.30

Woking – £595.90

Reigate & Banstead- £548.40

Mole Valley – £541.90

Oxford – £536.60

Brentwood – £525.20

Watford – £505

Guildford – £503.80

Cambridge – £501.60

North Surrey – £499

Tandridge – £496.40

Horsham – £489.20

Maidenhead – £484.80

Tunbridge Wells – £478.30

St Albans – £477.10

Grays – £470.60

Brighton & Hove – £468

Whitney – £460.50

Bishop’s Strotford – £438.50


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