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The homebuyer Easter house hunt

by LLP Reporter
20th Apr 19 9:42 am

Springbok Properties, has put together an Easter property hunt for homebuyers out house hunting over the long weekend.

Using sold house price records from the Land Registry, Springbok looked at the prices paid across eleven Easter themed property locations, ranking them based on property price to highlight where homebuyers should be hunting for this Easter bank holiday.

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Across all of these Easter themed areas, the average sold price was £294,974 – 29% higher than the national average.

Top of the pile was Bonnet, with an average sold price of £500,013 across streets with Bonnet in the name, 119% higher than the national average.

Basket ranks second with an average sold price of £426,429, 87% higher than the national average.

Chick and Bunny rank third and fourth with a respective average sold price of £400,000 and £399,742, 75% higher than the national average

Road names with chocolate in ranked fifth, some 62% higher than average at £369,529.

Lent or lenten, Egg, Daffodil and Tulip were all also home to above average sold prices.

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For homeowners across names including Easter and Palm, current market conditions aren’t as sweet. Both were home to below average house prices of £213,298 and £199,803 respectively.

Founder and CEO of Springbok Properties, Shepherd Ncube said, “The performance of the property market across these Easter-related road names will have no doubt left a sweet taste in the mouth of their homeowners and sellers with prices largely climbing way above average.

Across the nation, there are plenty of these overperforming pockets despite wider market conditions and while property value isn’t based on a road name alone, at least those on the hunt for a home this Easter weekend will have a good starting point to work with.”

Road Name Average Sold Price Difference to National Average
Bonnet £500,013 119%
Basket £426,429 87%
Chick £400,000 75%
Bunny £399,742 75%
Chocolate £369,529 62%
Lent/Lenten £365,803 60%
Egg £292,986 28%
Daffodil £290,457 27%
Tulips £236,652 4%
Easter £213,298 -7%
Palm £199,803 -12%
Easter Average £294,974 29%
National Average £228,147 N/A


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