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The four home renovation trends to watch out for in 2023 according to experts

by LLP Reporter
3rd Feb 23 11:06 am

Our home reflects how we want to feel and in 2023, home renovation trends are revealing our deeper connection to the outdoors, a collective renewed optimism and the change in working life after the pandemic.

If you’re thinking of having a home renovation this year, here are just some of the trends forecasted by experts that should give you some inspiration.

Home offices

If anything stuck from the pandemic, it’s the home office. After being forced to work from home for over 2 years, people have discovered the benefits of spending all or part of their week working from home. It’s no surprise, then, that people are investing in making their home offices more comfortable and functional.

And if people don’t have a spare room in the house, they’re resorting to conversions, be that of their outdoor shed or garage. Those who also wish to start a business at home, like becoming a music teacher, masseuse or artist, can do so from their own home and avoid spending money on extra rent.

Connecting with nature

After leaving the urban jungle behind during the pandemic, people have discovered the mental and physical benefits of being surrounded by nature. If you don’t have a garden, why not introduce natural elements into your home? From luscious potted plants to rustic wooden furniture, transform your space into an airy sanctuary.

Those lucky enough to have a garden are looking to maximise their outdoor spaces, making them comfortable and inviting when Spring arrives, meaning considerable investments in garden furniture, aesthetic features and patios.

Bathroom and kitchen upgrades

2023 is the year of the practical home. And no two rooms are more functional than the kitchen and bathroom, and these will be a priority for homeowners in the upcoming year. They are also the most important rooms to get right if a homeowner is planning to sell.

Experts expect renovations to include changing countertops, adding practical light features, updating cabinetry and investing in state-of-the-art appliances. Some might also invest in practical kitchen designs, like those from Shaker Kitchens, which blend utility with a slick and modern look.

Warm colour tones

Now that a lot of us spend more time at home for home office purposes, we want our homes to be more welcoming and cosier. Experts are predicting a renewed interest in warm paint colours, in particular brown. Paired with soothing creams or lively greens, it can give your home a rustic, earthy tone.

The colour of the year, however, is set to be amber. A versatile and rich colour that is associated with positivity and vitality, it’s a great shade to incorporate into your home.

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