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The Blair rich project: Tony and Cherie's £27m property empire

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15th Mar 16 11:09 am

The Blairs have second and third and fourth homes…

Tony and Cherie Blair own approximately 10 houses and 27 flats to the value of about £27m.

After starting their property empire in 1983 with a £30,000 home in their Sedgefield constituency, which they sold in 2009 for £275,000, the Blairs have done well out of the property market, according to the Guardian.

Blair home

A house the Blairs own in Archery Close, behind their Connaught Square address

It’s worked out even better for the Blairs’ children, Euan, Nicky, Kathryn, and Leo who have all been able to climb onto the property ladder in their 20s, unlike most people of the same generation.

The one-bedroom house owned by Kathryn in Marylebone is worth an estimated £1.4m, and was bought in Cherie’s name for £1.2m in 2014. Kathryn also owns a Buckinghamshire home with Cherie, which was valued at £700,000 in September 2013 and is now estimated to be worth £763,000.

Blair Buckingham

The Blairs’ Buckingham home

Euan, a former Morgan Stanley banker turned aspiring politician, co-owns a six-bedroom townhouse in the same area as Kathryn’s with his mother, which was bought in 2013 for £3.625m and is now worth between £4.5m and £5m.

Euan and Cherie also own buy-to-let flats in Manchester and Stockport, under the company name Oldbury Residential, which cost just less than £2.2m. Altogether they’re estimated to bring in a minimum of £162,000 a year in rent.

Arguably the least well-known Blair child, Nicky – short for Nicholas – is a football agent and owns a three-bedroom Georgian townhouse in central London. It’s estimated to be worth about £2m, with planning permission for a single-storey extension granted after it was bought for £1.35m in September.

Blairs home

The Blairs’ home in Connaught Square adorned with armed guards

In 2004, when Tony left office, the Blairs bought a Georgian townhouse in Connaught Square, which is estimated to be worth more than £8.5m now.

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