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Sobha launch Dubai-based ‘eco-chic’ homes to London buyers starting from £235,000

by LLP Reporter
3rd Jul 19 8:34 am

Sobha Realty, the leading multinational premium real estate developer, is launching ‘eco-chic’ homes in London with the unveiling of a new £165m (GDV) tower One Park Avenue at its acclaimed luxury waterfront community Sobha Hartland in Dubai. A striking tower inspired by nature, One Park Avenue will provide residences and world-class amenities including exclusive resident access to six unique Sky Gardens offering views of the nearby wildlife sanctuary, Dubai Creek and towards the Burj Khalifa.

Inspired by nature and green living and designed to create a zen atmosphere, One Park Avenue will provide six double and triple height Sky Gardens, each beautifully landscaped with a focus on leisure and relaxation. The magnificent gardens will have individual themes including yoga, an outdoor cinema and a luxury lounge.

Information on One Park Avenue is being marketed to UK buyers at Sobha’s new Global Studio on London’s Park Lane. A 2018 survey found that healthier buildings are a priority for developers with the global number of ‘green’ projects expected to rise by 60% by 2021 (Source: The World Green Building Trends 2018 Smart Market Report). UK buyers are increasingly seeking sustainable homes and access to green space, with some banks now lending ‘Green Mortgages’ and homes with gardens the most viewed search term on online real estate portal Rightmove in 2019.

One Park Avenue is a 24 storey tower that will provide 403 homes of the highest quality with provision for smart technology effortlessly incorporated to help residents achieve a ‘greener living’ lifestyle. A key feature of the tower will be dedicated charging points and parking for electronic cars, following Dubai’s wider initiative to have 10% of all new cars in the city electric or hybrid by 2020 as the city moves towards more sustainable technology.

The new tower is located on the north-eastern boundary of Sobha Hartland, an 8m square feet (183 acre) waterfront community which fronts onto the idyllic Dubai Canal. Comprised of low and medium rise luxury residences, the scheme is set in landscaped grounds with 30% of the entire scheme (2.4m sqft) dedicated to parkland, forestry and communal gardens.

Sobha Realty have gone beyond the city’s ‘green’ regulations for development, ensuring that one tree is planted every three square metres, as opposed to the requirement of one tree every 20 square metres. In addition, Sobha Realty prioritise space throughout the scheme, leaving generous gaps of a minimum 30 metres in between apartment buildings filled with ‘green corridors’ of planting which exceed Dubai’s current design requirements.

Every home at One Park Avenue has a private balcony enjoying impressive views and allowing residents to connect with the outdoor space. Residents will see Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Canal and Dubai Creek, as well as views over the neighbouring Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary and towards the Meydan Racecourse. Throughout the design of One Park Avenue, smart technology has been seamlessly integrated into sumptuous design. Key features for a greener lifestyle include provision for automated lights and curtains in each home, efficient air cooling and motion sensor lighting to communal areas to reduce energy waste.

Sobha Realty have also focused on creating a zen atmosphere for residents. The building’s façade uses European technology for noise-minimising and the exclusive access to the Sky Gardens promises to offer sanctuary from the bustling city. Well-being has been an important focus throughout the design of Sobha Hartland, with extensive landscaping and the large communal gardens created for residents to enjoy greenery and extensive outside living space.

Of the 403 homes located in One Park Avenue, there will be 96 one-bedroom apartments; 166 two-bedroom apartments; 137 three-bedroom apartments; and an exclusive collection of four four-bedroom penthouse apartments located on the top four floors. The supply of homes released for sale at Sobha Hartland is carefully managed, with just 200 available at any time; thereby retaining value and exclusivity for the customer. The tower is due to be complete by Spring 2023, with Sobha Realty reporting high interest from buyers already.

The tower’s amenities will include state-of-the-art fitness equipment in a gym and an extensive open-air swimming pool on the first floor. The ground floor of the tower is dedicated to 21,299 sqft of premium retail space. Sobha Hartland is a fully-integrated community including cafes, restaurants and two international schools, with the retail units at One Park Avenue offering highly sought-after space for local and international businesses to establish themselves.

The construction, dressed interiors and furniture of each of the homes at Sobha Hartland is undertaken, designed and delivered in-house by the brand in order to guarantee uncompromising quality to the purchaser.

PNC Menon, Founder & Chairman of Sobha Realty said, “When imagining Sobha Hartland, we wanted residents to breathe differently and to enjoy lush forestry and open spaces right in the heart of Dubai. It is important to go beyond the design requirements and create homes that are beautiful and also support people’s wellbeing.”

Tirthankar Ganguly, Chief Marketing Officer of Sobha Realty said, “We are delighted to unveil One Park Avenue, our new tower that has been designed with ‘greener living’ in mind for residents. Throughout each home we are dedicated to seamlessly integrating smart technology with luxury design, with the six unique Sky Gardens set to offer sanctuary from the bustling city. We have seen continued success for our homes at Sobha Hartland and we expect One Park Avenue to prove very popular with buyers conscious of the environment and their wellbeing but also seeking the flawless craftmanship that our brand embodies.”

In One Park Avenue a one-bedroom apartment starts from £235,000 (1.09m AED), a two-bedroom apartment starts from £320,000 (1.49 m AED), a three-bedroom apartment starts from £436,000 (Conversion needs to be equivalent to 2.04m AED) and the exclusive four-bedroom apartments start from £1.06m (4.9m AED).

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