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Small garden landscaping ideas for 2019

by John Saunders
18th Mar 19 2:29 pm

Are you interested in putting up a small garden? Or maybe you already have one, but you are unable to find a way to suit it according to your design needs and want? Well, look no further – this article is specifically for people like you. It is based on the latest small garden landscaping ideas from the best landscape gardeners Essex.

It holds true that small gardens may tend to require more thought when compared to larger spaces. And considering its size, you want ideas that will not necessarily compromise its quality and efficiency. But make no mistake: Even the tiniest of a garden can be easily transformed into an elegant outdoor journey! That is because all good things come in small packages.

Whether you want to squeeze in some garden furniture or you just want to come up with an impressive balcony garden, the ideas below will jumpstart your creativity. Use them as your source of inspiration, and now is the time to do it!

1. Go for a mini greenhouse

Believe it or not, you can always incorporate a mini greenhouse to your small garden. It is a perfect feature for you to grow more plants. You can always go with a tall cabinet-style design, which could be bought from your favourite store or repurposed from an old one. Once you have one, just simply position it against a wall. For an impressive look, fix it in an area that is drenched in the sun.

2. Place planters under your kitchen window

Have you been looking for ways to build a simple trough? Well, there is no need to look further – you can always go with sleepers. It should be enough to be fitted beneath the kitchen window. It is the most ideal place for herbs to grow if you are planning to do so. Make sure to open the glass and reach out to grab whatever you need from there.

3. A hammock is all you need

There is always beauty in a small garden that can offer the best when it comes to alfresco relaxation. And yes, this one right here is very doable through a hammock. It does not have to take up so much space, especially since it can be squeezed into the smallest of areas. What is more, it is capable of transforming your garden into a very chilled-out scene, one that can easily rival the most popular bar in Ibiza.

4. Go for double walls

So what if your garden only has a room for, say, a chair or two? It should not be a problem, as you can do away with double walls. The idea is to add raised beds that are completely surrounded by walls. This set up will not only allow your plants to be easily taken care of, but you can also create an extra place for you and your friends to perch. For an added impression, you can go with the route of adding some comfortable cushions. Make sure these cushions are in colours that can match your plants!

5. Shelves won’t let you down

Are you tired of seeing those pots piling up? Why not create a surface area for them and other accessories? Your answer here is to incorporate some shelves. Your best course of action is to mount them directly into brick, especially since it is possible for your garden fence to be unstable in taking the weight. If you want an inexpensive solution, and you certainly do, you can choose some old railway sleepers. You can simply support them with wrought iron brackets, something that you can buy from your go-to DIY store.

6. A living wall is all you need

Also known as a green wall, a living wall has been the domain of any designer installations and up-and-coming commercial sites. Nowadays, though, they are starting to be a popular choice in residential gardens, particularly small gardens. They are textured plantings that are known for being able to make great use of any limited area or space. In order for you to create these vertical gardens, you need to make sure that plants are deeply rooted in a certain structure (should be attached directly to a wall).  You have lots of options, though, such as grasses, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and even herbaceous perennials.

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