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Skyfall: a third bolt falls off the Cheesegrater

by LLP Editor
14th Jan 15 9:39 am

British Land got a bolt from the blue recently as another bolt fell off the Cheesegrater.

British Land hasn’t confirmed the exact date of the incident.

Back in November, city workers were left terrified as part of a steel bolt, as big as an adult hand, fell off the skyscraper.

Following the incident, British Land installed a “precautionary tethering” around the skyscraper which caught a third bolt recently.

At the time, Sam Jones, who works for an insurance company based in the City, told the Standard: “It’s terrifying. That’s a serious bit of structure which has fallen there. They may say it’s structurally safe but if someone was hit they would have died, plain and simple.”

British Land has blamed the problem on “high exposure to hydrogen” and has insisted that the bolts falling off have “no adverse effect” on the skyscraper’s “structural integrity”.

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