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City workers terrified as part of a steel bolt falls off the Cheesegrater

by LLP Editor
6th Nov 14 10:46 am

Part of a large steel bolt, as big as an adult hand, fell off the 47-storey Cheesegrater yesterday which resulted in the area being cordoned off. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Last week, part of the first bolt fell off within the confines of the building. On Tuesday, another part of the second bolt fell from the 5th floor on the ground.

City workers are now worried for their safety and said “it’s deeply worrying that bolts can fall off it like that”.

Sam Jones, who works for an insurance company based in the City, told the Standard: “It’s terrifying. That’s a serious bit of structure which has fallen there. They may say it’s structurally safe but if someone was hit they would have died, plain and simple.”

Frank Yonis, a private equity investment director, 39, said: “I’m mortified. It’s a nice looking building, but it’s deeply worrying that two bolts can fall off it like that.

“The fact that it’s two makes me think something is really wrong there.

“I’m pleased they have ordered a review as they have to make sure it’s safe. There are communal areas here and benches where people from all over the City are to sit.

“If there had been someone under it when it fell they would certainly have died. They’d have been crushed. That would be a major tragedy.”

Owners British Land, contractor Laing O’Rourke and structural engineers Arup are investigating the incident and have said that the building is no risk.

“There is no risk to the structural integrity of the building,” British Land said.

“Public safety is our priority so we have taken a number of precautionary measures.”

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