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Revealed: The quietest boroughs in London

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18th May 18 1:25 pm


With nearly 8.8 million people living in London, many may presume there is no real escape from the hustle and bustle of London life. However, research carried out by Barratt London has revealed the quietest boroughs in London with Tower Hamlets, Sutton and Waltham Forest coming out on top.

The research, compiled by Barratt, averages over 4,000 decibel readings from app WideNoise, which allows users to submit decibel readings on the go. The average in Tower Hamlets was just 53.3 dB, equivalent to that of a conversation at home.

At the other end of the scale, Islington was found to be the loudest borough in London. The average decibel reading was 77.2 dB – similar to the level of a vacuum cleaner.

The ten quietest boroughs in London have been revealed as:

  1. Tower Hamlets – 53.3 dB
  2. Sutton – 53.8 dB
  3. Waltham Forest – 56.1 dB
  4. Croydon – 56.5 dB
  5. Ealing – 57.3 dB
  6. Southwark – 57.7 dB
  7. Kingston upon Thames – 59.3 dB
  8. Bromley – 59.3 dB
  9. Merton – 62.5 dB
  10. Camden – 62.9 dB

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