Home Property Property transaction platform Settled announces rebrand as it embarks on the next stage of product development

Property transaction platform Settled announces rebrand as it embarks on the next stage of product development

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6th Nov 17 1:53 pm

Settled halves the time to sell a home and doubles the likelihood of completion

Settled, a fast-growing, VC-backed proptech business today announces its rebrand as it continues on the journey to simplify real estate transactions. The software platform which connects every step in the home moving journey is rolling out a brand-new logo, website and visual identity that articulates its vision of a calmer, more streamlined process transporting buyers and sellers to completion more joyfully.

The rebrand follows a strong period of growth for the company, which secured £1.2m funding from leading European VCs Connect Ventures and Piton Capital earlier this year. With over £500m worth of homes listed on the platform since its launch, and average customer savings of £5000, the business is poised for further growth.

Settled is committed to fixing problems in real estate transactions; eradicating issues such as gazumping, in order for home buyer and seller transactions to be calmer and more assured. It has halved the time it takes for customers to complete a home sale from the national average of sixteen weeks to just eight, and is significantly reducing fall-through rates – doubling the likelihood that a home transaction will complete.

Recently introduced features such as ‘Strengthen & Secure’, designed to bring buyers and sellers closer together after an offer has been made, have contributed to these successes. This feature encourages both parties to strengthen their position with a completion pledge which protects the offer agreement and both parties’ commitments to completion.

Gemma Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Settled said: “We profoundly understand the problems that lead to breakages in the real estate journey and care deeply about home buyers and sellers. It’s for that reason that Settled has focused on fixing the problems in real estate. Ultimately this means thinking outside of the box and building a different model.

“The blend of next generation software, our uniquely Settled service and our wonderful empowered customers have all contributed to our winning combination, and we’re delighted to be well on the way to solving real estate transactions, creating more joyful experiences for people.”

Paul Young, CMO and Co-Founder of Settled said: “As a business our vision is to make this hugely emotional journey for home buyers and sellers, seamless and stress-free. Our new visual identity, captures the human and emotional side of the home moving process – it’s an expression of what it means to feel Settled.

“Looking ahead, we’ll continue developing and improving our software to enable and nurture the interaction between buyers and sellers, and to give our customers assurance that their home sale or purchase will happen the way they want it to. In the future, people should be able to buy and sell homes in moments, not months.”

The delivery of the rebrand comes at a time when the shortcomings in the real estate industry are being highlighted by the Government with its recent announcement of a consultation into the way the home transaction model can be improved.

Gemma Young commented on the report: “It’s no surprise that the Government is looking at ways to bolster the economy in the wake of Brexit. A more fluid property market will ultimately result in higher levels of property transactions and increased economic contributions.

“Property, legal and financial companies all have a responsibility to allow transactions to flow more easily, and, with this in mind there’s never been a better time to innovate.”

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