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Price differences between living in London vs Manchester

by John Saunders
4th Dec 19 12:39 pm

Every country has a rivalry! This is mostly seen between cities which are near each other. But it also exists between cities which are the most developed ones in the country. That is why the most debated issue in the UK is where is it better to live, London or Manchester?

If you asked this question a few decades ago, the answer would be much clearer and easier to give. Now, the differences are far less distinguishable. These two cities have a deserved right to call themselves rivals as they are equally matched in many aspects.

So let’s break it down and see which one of the two is better in terms of pricing.

Average salary

When it comes to average salary, London takes the point. Being that this is the capital city of the UK and by far the largest city on the island, it’s no wonder that the average salary that you get here is the highest in the country. Londoners are able to earn an average monthly salary of about £1,961, as it has been calculated. This goes opposed £1,411 per month that you are able to earn by working in Manchester.

But we also have to address the other side, and that is the cost of living. Even though the salaries are larger in London, the cost of living is much greater as well. Generally speaking, we come to a stalemate in the end when it is all said and calculated.

Property and real estate prices

If you are looking to buy some property, better do it in Manchester. Places that you may find in London are much more expensive than you would think. Compared to Manchester, where the average price of properties is 43% lesser, it is much more cost-effective for buyers to buy in Manchester.

If we compared one-bedroom apartments to rent, you can find one in London for a price of £1,652 per month, as opposed to a lot cheaper property of the same size for £681.

Cost of living and other essentials

There are certain distinctions between Manchester and London when it comes to the cost of living. In fact, some things are surprisingly more expensive in Manchester than you would expect them to be. For example, water, gas, electricity and even the internet bill is about 8% higher in Manchester. But grocery prices in Manchester are probably the best in the country, 4% cheaper than in London. But it is also interesting to note that certain individual food items are also much more expensive in London, like bread (24% more) and potatoes (a whopping 26% more).

Even the cleaning services differ a bit, but not so much. According to the price ranges given by HandyCleaners, one of the most popular cleaning companies in London, they charge £11 per hour for domestic cleaning. When it comes to Manchester, the figure is about £12 per hour. Utility bills are also not that much different and generally score the same.

Public transportation costs

Living in a big city also means that you need to think about your daily commutes. You cannot really walk from point A to point B in London nor in Manchester. You have to take alternative ways to get to places and they mostly include thinking about public transportation opportunities. The average price of any form of public transportation is much higher in London.

This is nothing to be surprised about as London is the capital city and a bigger city by most rights. A basic train and bus season monthly ticket costs £130 opposed to a mere £54 in Manchester (a difference of no less than 58%).

But when it comes to taxi fares, the price is fairly similar. A 5-mile trip in London costs about £17 in London, while in Manchester you will need to pay about £16 for the same trip.

Social life costs

When it comes to entertainment and social opportunities, you might say that London is the more expensive place to live in, but it all depends on what you want to do.

For instance, a gym membership averages between £50 and £60 a month in London, while in Manchester you are expected to pay anywhere between £27 and £30 a month. Eating out is also staggeringly cheaper in Manchester with prices being 12-13% than in London.

And if you want to take your date to see a movie you will pay 9% less in Manchester for a movie ticket than in London. But if you want to go out for coffee later, the prices in Manchester are 1% higher.

Now when you have all the information displayed out to you neatly, you can decide which place is better for you to live. Both places come with their advantages and disadvantages and it will be solely up to you in the end where you want to live… But also your budget.

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