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Dormitory or renting an apartment: What to choose if you study in London

by John Saunders
18th May 21 10:48 am

Choosing which accommodations to choose as a student in London is a tough call. You better learn everything about your options before making up your mind.

Let us start with this, congrats on your enrolment at a university! You are about to start one of the greatest journeys of your life. Your students’ years will be full of fun, discoveries, and new friends. However, before moving on to this new life, you actually need to move into your new home first. So now every first-year student has a choice to make. Do they want to live in a dorm or in an apartment? It can be a tough call, especially since both these options come with great benefits as well as some downfalls. You better learn everything about those pros and cons to make the right decision. We have made a brief analysis of your choices so that you could make an informed decision.


Let’s start with the obvious one. Rent in London can get very expensive, especially for students. Cost should definitely be one of your first criteria to consider while making your decision. In fact, due to the high cost of rent in London, many students don’t actually have a choice when it comes to housing preferences. Dorms can be a much more cost-efficient option. Students who don’t want to spend most of their time working just to afford the rent should probably choose a dorm instead of flats. Besides, by working too much, your studies can get sloppy, and you’ll also need to spend money on things like Collegeessaywriter sites, which will become another undesirable expense.


If you are a person who enjoys their privacy, then we have news for you. Dorms will be a challenge. Living in a dorm automatically means you need to give up some of your privacy. First of all, most student halls have two-person rooms, which means you have to share your living space with another person, and you rarely get to choose who that person is going to be.

Also, many dorms have community bathrooms shared either for two rooms or for the entire floor. Kitchens and living rooms are also communal in dorms. Besides, you will always have a lot of people around you. They will be everywhere, and they won’t be quiet. So, be ready that sometimes you may need to pay for essay you couldn’t finish yourself since there was a party on your floor.

While renting, you may also have to have flatmates. However, you’ll have a chance to choose them, which means you can live with friends. Also, you won’t have that many people living with you. Thus, making some house rules and dividing chores around the house should be easier. Getting along with a few flatmates can be much easier, especially if you all have mutual respect for everyone’s right to privacy. Besides, you can always just go to your room and rest when you don’t feel like being around people, which is barely possible in a dorm.


Location is another factor that any freshmen need to think hard about before making a final decision. To save money, many students choose apartments far from downtown or their universities. It often means that they have to commute. Now, you have to be ready for that experience. Traffic, rush hours, overcrowded public transport, or hours of cycling can be stressful factors for anyone.

Students who already have enough stress in their lives don’t really need to add more than they already have. Besides, commuting may take a lot of time, which means less time for yourself and studying. With such a life, a professional essay writer online will soon become your best helper in studies, as you won’t keep up on your own.

Overall, many universities in London have halls of residence assigned to their school. Most of such student halls are located in close proximity to universities, which makes students’ lives so much easier. Students who’d prefer to rent apartments available on the market would need to pay a much higher price to live in the same proximity as students in those dorms. Any apartments for rent close to university will be of high value due to the rising demand.


It comes with no saying that life in student halls comes with a lot of rules. There will be much more regulations in place, and they will be much harsher than any landlord would set. While renting, you may only face bans on smoking in the apartment or having pets. Life in a dorm will come with more responsibilities and prohibitions.

Overall, each university or private dorm can set its own policy of what a student can or can’t do. These regulations can include rules on having or not having guests in your room, entrance hours, allowed behavior in common areas, and much more. You need to be ready to obey those rules (or at least not getting caught) if you don’t want to be kicked out. Now, living in an apartment comes with certain freedoms, as you see. You get to set your own rules and can negotiate a deal with your flatmates or landlord.

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