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Number 13 houses “are £9,000 cheaper”

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13th Jan 17 2:15 pm

Would you consider the move if it cost less?

Property buyers may be enticed into an “unlucky” number 13 house by getting it for £9,000 cheaper than the average home, Zoopla suggests.

The search portal Zoopla has found that homes with this number are around £8,974 cheaper than the average property on the market.

A survey found that nearly a third of owners would not buy a house with the number 13.

Number one holds the top spot for being the priciest.

Lawrence Hall, spokesman for Zoopla, said: “While superstitions might weigh heavily on the minds of some, in a year with not one but two Friday 13ths – the second of which will be in October – there could be a real opportunity for those not suffering from triskaidekaphobia to secure a property bargain.”

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