Home Commercial Property “Jenga Tower” to rise up in Vauxhall despite opposition

“Jenga Tower” to rise up in Vauxhall despite opposition

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6th Aug 14 10:40 am

Jenga tower

Photo: New Bondway

Vauxhall is to be the home of London’s next oddly shaped skyscraper. The tower, being developed by McGrove Properties and Vauxhall Bondway has already been dubbed the “Jenga Tower” due to its blocky design and overhanging wedges.

The 50-storey building will be made up of two towers – one taller than the other, and will house 450 new flats, a cinema, a gym, private gardens and office space.

The development, which has now been given the green light, was originally rejected by Secretary of State for Communities Eric Pickles over lack of public space incorporated into the design. In addition, Westminster Council and English Heritage also opposed the plans as the tower will affect views of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Local residents are angry about the decision, which they say will “rob them” of 40% of their direct sunlight in some areas.

According to the Evening Standard, Michael Ball, speaking on behalf of community group the Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall Forum said: “It’s depressing that we are here again with an application that is clearly worse than the rejected scheme but it’s again recommended for approval.”

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