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Is it expensive to keep pets?

by John Saunders
1st Jun 21 10:48 am

So many people dream about getting a pet. However, not everybody thinks they can afford it. Well, they can be right. Having a pet at home means taking up a lot of responsibility. Not everybody can bring a pet to a rented flat, just as not anyone can afford the costs of pets care. As you know, owning a pet comes with a price. You should be ready for the costs of keeping a pet before you make a decision to bring one home. Here’s what you should consider.


Having a pet at home comes with a lot of responsibilities. Now, you are in charge of the living being’s safety and wellness. Of course, such a commitment requires expenses. You’ll need to provide your pet with all its needs, which includes food, medicine, care products, grooming, and more.

Veterinary appointments

Veterinary appointments are a must when you are bringing home a small puppy or kitten. These animals require vaccines and injections to get them ready for the outside world. After the first six months of their lives, you won’t have to do much at the vet. Though it is still necessary to bring them to health checkups every now and then.

It’s especially true with cats, who have more delicate mental and physical health. Cats, for one, are very sensitive to mood swings, prone to depression and stress. Secondly, they have a weak digestive system, so keeping a healthy diet for them is crucial. Of course, when your cat is well and healthy, you can only read some wag cat food reviews, stick to their diet and do nothing more. However, once it is not enough, and you need professional involvement, your expenses will rise way up.


Pets’ food will be by far the biggest expense in your budget since you need to buy food regularly. You will have to decide whether you feed your pet home food, or buy special wet and dry food at a store. Though, you better be sure to buy high-quality products, as your pets deserve only the best. You can read this diamond naturals grain free review to learn more about what good pet food should include, and at what costs you can buy it.

Other supplies

Toys, beds, clothes, and more will cost you as well. You have to be ready to spend some money on things that will make your pets happy and comfortable. A cat may require a special cat house on the walls, so they can exercise and have a quiet place for themselves. A dog may need clothes for cold seasons and outdoor toys for warm seasons. Any pet will also need a bed, bowls, and toys. Your dog will need a leash and collar.


This section will concern only dog owners. It’s always better to pay a professional dog trainer for a few lessons than to neglect your dog’s education. Training may cost quite a bit, though it will all be worth it in the end. Just think about the stress you can avoid. Also, an untrained and poorly behaved dog will eventually cost you more than a few hours of training.

Living situation

First of all, getting a pet when you are renting a place or living in your own flat are two completely different experiences. While living in your house, you get to make all the decisions you want. However, when renting, you have to consider the opinions of your landlord. First of all, you have to make sure that the place you are renting is pet-friendly, meaning you are not violating your contract. In case you choose to ignore your contract, you can suffer great consequences. Secondly, you have to get an okay from your flatmates if you have any.

Now, when renting a place with a pet, you have to expect certain downfalls. For example, a sum for your security deposit may be higher than it would have been without a pet. Besides, you should be prepared to pay if your pet damages furniture or other elements of the flat.


People who travel with their pets pay double the price as well. First of all, if you travel by plane, you’ll have to [ay for your pets’ ticket, which varies in price depending on where your pet is during the flight. They can be on board, or in a luggage section. The price will also vary depending on the policy of the air company. What’s more, booking a hotel room, or an apartment for the vacation can also come at a higher price for you.

On the other hand, you’ll also have to pay if you choose to leave your pet behind when you travel. Paying a sitter to stay at home with a pet or getting a room in a pet hotel will not be cheap.

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