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Ikea could move into the UK housing market building flat pack homes

by LLP Reporter
26th Jun 19 2:22 pm

Ikea the flat pack furniture company could be moving into building flat pack homes as the firm own Boklok which builds factory-built homes and construction firm Skanska.

Worthing Council are currently considering a deal with the Ikea owned firm Boklok to build up to 162 homes in the town.

Boklok calculates how much an owner can afford then the home is factory built.

BoKlok’s website says: “We are expanding in the UK and are looking for land.

“Do you have a vacant plot that could accommodate a new sustainable neighbourhood?”

They added, “It is about a high-quality off-site manufacturing process that allows us to assemble them quickly in a safe and sustainable environment, which we know that both employees and customers appreciate.”

Under plans 30% of the homes to be built in Worthing will be used for social housing where there is high house price inflation and a shortage of homes, the remaining 70% will be owned by Boklok.

Councillor Kevin Jenkins, Worthing Council said, “In this current market, it’s extremely tough for local people who are in full-time work to get on the housing market.

“This proposal could change that, giving these hard-working individuals a genuine chance to buy their own home without having to move out of the town.”

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