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How Trump's victory will affect the London property market

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9th Nov 16 10:48 am

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While there is a lot of economic doom and gloom over Donald Trump becoming the US President, property experts feel that the Republican’s win will be a boost for the London property market.

According to London Central Portfolio there will be a net positive impact on the market as “investors retrench to blue-chip tangible assets as uncertainty on the political and economic stage is heightened once again”.

It said: “Jitters in global equity markets driven by widespread speculation will be countered by flights to safety, with gold, the Yen and Swiss Franc set to benefit. Whilst the result will likely move the global spotlight away from Brexit, repercussions may be felt across Europe with the prospect of anti-establishment votes becoming keener. At the same time, the likelihood of the UK Parliament thwarting the people’s mandate to exit the EU has dwindled.

“Whilst all of this plays out, Prime Central London property, a traditional safe haven, is expected to benefit from a similar flight to quality, asset-backed investments.”

Camilla Dell, Managing Partner at independent property buying agency, Black Brick, said investment in the London property market is set to increase.

She said: “Following the victory of Donald Trump in the US election, we will almost certainly see market turmoil and weakening of the dollar. As a result, global investment into Prime Central London (PCL) property is likely to increase from investors who hold the view that Trump is risky for the markets. Indeed, we are already seeing a flight to safe haven assets such as gold this morning and PCL property has always been seen as a safe haven asset in turbulent times.

“We are also likely to see some wealthy US citizens, particularly those most offended by Trump, move to the UK as some of our American clients hinted to us prior to this outcome. Foreign buyers, particularly those from the Middle East and of Muslim faith, may enter the London property market, too, as they decide not to buy property in the US due to his remarks about banning Muslims from entering the country.”

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