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How to prepare your house for sale

by John Saunders
21st Oct 22 4:43 pm

The housing market at present is a volatile one. After rapid growth in 2021, a rising rate of inflation has forced the Bank of England’s hand; their measures have brought interest rates up and with them mortgage rates. This has created a turbulent environment in the property market – but nonetheless, a market in which considerable profit is there to be made. Demand is as high as ever, but ensuring you get a reasonable offer is something else entirely. How can you prepare your house for the best possible outcome?

First impressions count

While the value of your home is determined by a wide array of factors, from structural integrity to various installations and modern conveniences, often the biggest factor that influences a sale is none of these. Rather, many prospective buyers give in to first impressions and ‘wow factor’.

First impressions are especially important for attracting interest and viewings. Where homeowners preparing for a sale might often overlook their outdoor space, the state of their house’s front wall and garden can do a lot for perceived value. To give your home more kerb appeal, you could simply neaten up your garden and hedges with a cordless hedge trimmer. If you have the budget, cleaning or re-painting your house’s exterior can also make a major difference.

Build a strong team

Selling a house is not all about the aesthetic impact of your home, though. It is a multifarious endeavour and one that requires expert input from a number of different directions. As such, it is vital that you build your own house-selling ‘team’ with the right credentials and experience to ensure a sale as smooth as possible.

This team will naturally include your chosen estate agent, with whom you will be listing the property. You will also need to choose a conveyancing solicitor, who will properly handle the legal side of the home’s sale. You may also want to choose your own quantity surveyor to get an independent valuation of the property.

Repairs and renovations

Speaking of value, you will likely want to maximise the earning potential of your home. This is not done by simply choosing the most generous of surveyors, but rather through proper repairs and renovations that attract a higher valuation.

Some interventions are worth more than others but also come with a higher cost attached. An attic conversion can be done relatively cheaply and often without planning permission, increasing the value of your home by up to a quarter. Of course, minor repairs and redecorations can have their own small impacts on price too, all adding up to a significant value boost.

Staging your home

Lastly, you need to ensure that every viewing goes as well as possible. This means keeping your home as clean and tidy as possible, and ‘staging’ each room for maximum impact. De-cluttering should be a leading part of the staging process, so potential buyers can better envision their own ideas for each space.

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