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How to light a room properly

by John Saunders
16th May 22 1:00 pm

When you have a beautiful London property, you will want to show it off in the best light. Even if you do not have the greatest natural light, some carefully positioned lamps will help to illuminate your rooms and cast focus just where you want them. This can be done with three principles of lighting – ambient, task, and accent.


Ambient lighting is the primary light used to illuminate the room. This will usually be the ceiling light, though some rooms might have several rather than one central light depending on their size and shape.

This light has a very specific task in that it needs to light the full room. For this reason, ambient lighting can be quite bright. You can control it by choosing a lighting system that can dim, or that you can adjust the colour of to get the perfect warm hue. However, you also need to be aware that this light is designed to reach all areas of your room. A chandelier or a beautiful modern light sculpture could be the right answer if you want to choose something that is as eye-catching as it is functional.


As can be inferred from the name, task lighting is designed to aid the user in some way. For example, if you have a desk to work at but don’t want to have to use your ambient lighting, you might have a small lamp that you can switch on. Likewise, you probably have a lamp on your bedside table that you can use to read with, or to provide some softer light if you get up in the night.

Such lamps can form a key part of your décor, especially when combined with luxury lampshades by Penny Morrison and other beautiful accessories. Think about how your task lighting can fit into your wider décor rather than stand opposed to it.


Finally, accent lighting is used to call attention to a certain area. For example, if you have a beautiful piece of art that you want to show off to visitors, ensuring that it is surrounded by the correct accent lights will always draw the eye to it.

Creating focal points is an artform that all the best interior designers follow. If you are searching for neat ways in which you can elevate your overall interior design, this is a simple yet incredibly effective way to do so, and it can help you create a stunning home.

Learning how to light a room properly can take it from nice to truly exceptional. We spend a lot of time searching for properties with the best natural light, but knowing how to manipulate and manage artificial lighting is incredibly important too. Ambient, task, and accent lighting are all incredibly vital parts of any room. If you are redesigning one of your favourite spaces, think about how you can use lighting to take it to the next level. It will be easier to do than you might imagine.

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