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Have 50,000 bitcoins? You could buy a £13.2m Mayfair mansion

by LLP Editor
28th Apr 14 9:18 am

Don’t believe in the Bitcoin hype? Read this news story and you may end of wishing you bought them earlier on.

In July 2010, 50,000 Bitcoins would have bought you only about one square foot of an eight-bedroom mansion house in Mayfair which comes with a swimming pool.

Come December 2013, you could buy the whole house.

However by March 2014, 50,000 Bitcoins could get you a home only worth £13.2m.

Tom Bill, associate in the Knight Frank residential research team, said:

“The volatile initial years of Bitcoin show just how high the rewards can be for this type of ‘currency play’, though in the case of Bitcoin with suitably high levels of risk to match.”

Take a look at this graph to see what 50,000 Bitcoins can buy you:

What 50,000 Bitcoins can buy you

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