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Google a go! £650m London HQ with swimming pool gets green light

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6th Sep 13 8:54 am

Ever known for its cool and quirky offices, the opening of Google’s new HQ in King’s Cross has been one of the most-awaited office moves in recent years.

After just a few months of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, the plan was given the green light yesterday by Camden Borough Council.

The approval comes a day after news broke that energy giant Shell may have to shelve its plans for a decadent London HQ.

But the go ahead for Google’s new London HQ is understood to have been relatively pain free with the 2.4 acre complex expected to open as early as 2016. It is estimated to cost between £650m and £1bn and will bring together Google’s 5,000 London-based staff under one roof.

What to expect:

It is going to be truly giant! At 30 metres long, it is as long as the Shard is tall, which makes it the longest known commercial building in the world.

The complex will house: 

  • A swimming pool
  • Gym and wellness studio
  • Running track
  • In-house cafes, shops and food and drinks stalls
  • Multi games area
  • Several high-tech conference and lecture spaces 
  • Outdoor spaces
  • 570-strong staff cycle park

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