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Georgian homes revealed as most sought after UK property style

by LLP Reporter
19th Jul 19 10:31 am

New research by Anglian Home Improvements has revealed that the most architecturally desirable property style in the UK is Georgian.

Voted the most popular home style by Brits, Georgian homes, with their instantly recognisable symmetry and grandeur, came out top in a new poll followed by Victorian and Tudor homes.

The research, commissioned to launch the Homes Across the Decades quiz, looked into the architectural style of homes and exterior features that Brits love the best. The quiz challenges users to identify different types of homes based on illustrations and offers advice on choosing the right windows and doors to be in keeping with a home’s traditional style.

The top three most loved home styles through the ages were found to be:


The Georgian era of architecture lasted between 1714 and1830 and was influenced by the classical grandeur of Greece and Rome. Property style is symmetrical and features Greek motifs and ornate decorations. During the Georgian period, there was a heavy window tax and so some people bricked up windows to avoid it.


Tudor homes were built between 1485 and 1603 and have a very distinctive black and white appearance. The Tudor period marked an age of prosperity and the gifting of land to royal favourites meant lavish houses were built. Houses often have exposed timber frames, thatched roofs and windows were often tall and narrow, consisting of small diamond-shaped panes which were joined together with lead to make a full pane.


A gothic revival took place during the Victorian period of architecture between 1837 and 1901, and homes were designed asymmetrically, with pointed arches and elaborate patterns. Lavish decorations were a way for the growing middles classes to show off their wealth and status, with ornate stained glass often featured in doorways and windows.

Georgian, Tudor and Victorian properties were not only respondents’ preferred home styles but also the architecture they were the most familiar with (59%, 65% and 58% respectively). Respondents were less accustomed with more modern homes like 60s low rise properties and low energy homes (41% and 27%).

When it comes to the specific exterior features Brits like the best, large windows (49%), bay windows (44%) and porches (44%) scored most highly. Brits were less keen on flat roofs (5%), small windows (5%) and pebbledash (7%).

The top 10 most popular architectural features of British homes are:

1. Large windows (49%)
2. Bay windows (44%)
3. Porches (44%)
4. Stone built (33%)
5. Stained glass in the front door (30%)
6. Red brick (28%)
7. Sky-lights (27%)
= Curved bays (27%)
9. Stained glass windows (24%)
10. Bifold doors (22%)

Costas Kariolis, Head of Digital Marketing at Anglian Home Improvements, says: “Our rich and colourful architectural history has resulted in homes that have changed dramatically throughout the ages in terms of design and features.

The study showed that Brits are most familiar with older home styles, so we created the Homes Across the Decades quiz to challenge Brits to identify a wide range of different types of properties.

We wanted to celebrate domestic architecture and offer advice around the types of windows and doors that are best for different homes. We believe in making home improvements that are in keeping with the character features of a home that make them unique.”

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