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Data-sharing platform for agents to help them harvest and nurture potential buyers

by LLP Reporter
14th Dec 20 5:30 pm

Residential People has announced that it is launching a cloud-based data-sharing platform for agents that will help them harvest and nurture potential buyers, landlords and vendors looking to sell.

During COVID-19, many consumers shopping online, are bewildered that retailers’ products are ‘following’ them across multiple platforms. With many believing that their mobile phones are listening in to them.

Of course, this is untrue; instead, retailers like Amazon are increasingly using Big Data, to pinpoint their customer and their preferred purchases.

Keeping ahead of the estate agency curve nurturingAI also works this way. An automated omnichannel marketing CRM using collaborative filtering – a form of predicting what people do and want. And with over 500 agents in various locations already expressing an interest in it, it has a growing cult-like status already.

Residential People & nurturingAI Founder Christopher May comments: ‘Quite rightly agents are protective of their data, but many do not do anything to make profit from it either. NurturingAI helps to nurture and harvest potential prospects so that a branch is constantly in touch with their customers even whilst they sleep.’

Chris informs us that nurturingAI is agent-centric, where they can sell or rent a property without so much reliance on profit going to portals. He feels portals have a place, his own portal residentialpeople.com receives well over 1.5 million enquiries a year, but he says,

‘Advertising on portals is great for generating data, but we want to hand that data back to agents, so they are less reliant on portals. nurturingAI can market across many different digital channels and is designed to help push traffic back to the agent’s website.

If you take a postcode with 20,000 households, many agents will cross paths with them over a period. By nurturing and treating the data they receive from their marketing and portal activities, it is possible for agents to build a very powerful database that will increase and keep their revenue flowing.’

Cleverley May also feels that agents like many companies are becoming digital enterprises, and Nurture.ai will increase a company’s value. As estate agents, for example, not letting agents have a nominal value, with three to five gross profit being the usual measure of value/goodwill.

‘A big selling point when selling or buying an estate agency business is their database of customers and potential customers, data in any business is a real selling point and should be treated with respect.’

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