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Cozy and romantic ways for having a wonderful Christmas in London

by John Saunders
16th Dec 19 9:50 am

r, we can call this one Christmas tea. We all know how much Londoners like their tea and they sure value their traditions.

The Corinthia Hotel offers an annual festive tea which also includes additional Christmas treats to go along with the tea. You will spend a wonderful time listening to Christmas carols and enjoying your tea time with you better half.

A carriage ride through Richmond Park

You don’t have to celebrate by being in one place. You can easily catch a carriage ride and spend a 90-minute-long ride throughout Richmond Park. First of all, a carriage ride is a fun and romantic thing to do and being cozied up together covered in a blanket with some wine and mince pies certainly adds to the experience.

Second of all, Richmond Park is a great area to visit and if you are not from around there it is a wonderful experience. And to make things even more romantic you can top it all off you can give her some Christmas flowers. All in all, it is something worth checking out particularly as a Christmas celebration.

Stroll beneath Central London’s Christmas lights

If you are a fan of Christmas lights and decorations you will more than likely enjoy the display in central London. Bond Street and South Molton Street are probably the highlights of Christmas lights and decorations each year.

Take a stroll down central London until you reach Covent Garden. Enjoy a nice romantic walk with your loved one and see all the Love Actually and Bridget Jones inspired decorations around you that additionally fuel the spirit of Christmas.

The Vauxhall Christmas tree maze

The Vauxhall Christmas tree maze is a wonderful and interesting way to celebrate Christmas. Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the highlights of this celebration so going into a whole maze of them is the best.

You can go together or start separately until you find each other. All in all, the idea is to be festive and enjoy the moment, especially when you meet in the middle of the maze together.

Have a movie night at the W in Leicester Square

If you are a movie buff then celebrating Christmas with a classic movie like Nightmare Before Christmas is the best. Stroll down to the W Hotel’s Festival Cinema where a special screening of the said movie is being held each year.

But it is not your regular kind of cinema. This is a luxury one that comes with holiday cocktails and mince pie popcorn which will make the experience even more tantalizing.

Skate during Christmas

If you enjoy ice skating than London has ways to make you happy. In fact, there are a bunch of places where you can lace up your skates and enjoy a night of skating around. You don’t have to be good you just have to enjoy the moment.

Skate around for a bit with your significant other by holding hands or giving each other hugs. Seal it off with a kiss to celebrate Christmas.

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