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Convert-a-loos! Turn your toilet into a club, bar or flat?

by Asa
19th Nov 12 12:00 am

Londoners are flush with ingenuity about how to improve their loos

As you’d well know, London is a global centre of innovation.

The internet. Cricket. And even the toilet (thanks to Thomas Crapper), we invented them all.

And to celebrate World Toilet Day, we have found London is still an expert at tinkering with its toilets, transforming them for a terrifically loo-dicrous lot of new purposes.

I’m sure you’ll be flushed with delight by these:

Cocktail bar & nightclub CellarDoor


A disused public toilet underground in Aldwych has been made up as one of the more peculiar venues for a cocktail bar and club, promising a suitably down and dirty night for party-goers.

A flat

Living Room

You can even live in a transformed toilet, as Laura Clark has done in Crystal Palace.

Don’t believe your eyes? Take a look at the rest of the gallery here.

West London comedy club Ginglik


Ginglik is specially located in an Edwardian-era underground toilet, built to serve spectators at the 1908 Olympic Games.

Now restored, it functons as a place for comedy, cabaret and all sorts of artistic marvels.

Finally, who knows yet? But it’s worth £400k

Walham Green Toilets

These humble toilets were put on the market for £90,000 and somehow netted almost four times their asking price at a cool £403,000.

That must have been a massive relief for the toilets’ owners, to say the least.


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