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Building maintenance: Top five functional softwares

by John Saunders
4th Sep 20 10:08 am

Assigning, tracking and completing tasks in a management job is the most taxing of all work. Not only is it exhausting and difficult to supervise but can also lead to confusion and incorrectly completed orders. Building maintenance is one such job that has a large margin for error due to the many branches it has.

However the digital age has considerably created ease in this line of work by designing special softwares that will offer you tools to not only enhance your productivity but also your sales.

1. WorkForce

This efficient software is an all-in-one solution to all your problems whether that be related to communication or piles of documents. It not only enhances your work experience but adds in a dose of professionalism to gain the trust of your customers.

WorkForce’s cutting-edge technology is based on cloud technology and can easily store a data of your past projects for future reference. It creates ease by allowing quick communication and coordination with all your crew members and even allotting of specific tasks to a certain group of workers.

Using innovative tools such as GPS tracking you can easily see your worker’s live location and assign those projects on-the-go. Also check out their progress with only a few clicks! WorkForce also eliminates all paperwork by digitalising all documents, invoices, quotes and agreements.

There’s also the option to creating effective schedules and following them accordingly. It truly is the top software when it comes building maintenance.

2. Drober

This handy software has the solutions to most of your problems under one roof. A helpful calendar app schedules all tour tasks and keeps them in one place while you also get the option to create meetings and SLAs.

Drober also allows you to view performance and work history in order to track progress and measure productivity. You can even effortlessly run audits, complete payments and pay invoices through this software. Stay focused on your goals and accomplish them with the help of Drober’s efficient tools.

This software also has an excellent customer service owing to their portal which quickly resolved all queries they have with the app.

3. UpKeep

UpKeep is a trusted software that gives priority to work orders while allowing efficient communication all under one roof. This software boasts a wide variety of tools such as editing equipment downtime and maximised asset lifespan.

Using new technology, this app also reduces piles of paperwork to a single screen from where you can manage all your affairs. Keep track of all your jobs and projects and also check progress using their special predictive functions.

UpKeep is an important asset to any building manager’s work.

4. Fiix

This software is a quick fix to all of your problems. Create asset hierarchies, add equipments, duplicate records and intuitively manage assets. Create lists, schedules, plans and memos that can easily be accessed by all work members and your ideas can be conveyed easily.

Fiix also boasts automated and alarm-based triggers that will help you to standardise and remember important meetings and tasks. It also offers a good communication system so all your workers stay in touch and can easily be informed about new tasks and projects that have been assigned to them.

5. Geomap

Geomap is a top software when it comes to asset management as it not only takes inventory but using intuitive features predicts ahead. It proves maintenance performance by a large scale and allows you to track all your progress and make changes accordingly to increase performance.

Using visual tools you can easily access all your information and data which is stored for future reference while you can easily streamline the creation, management and sending of your documents. It also boasts performance metrics and data sheets to further enhance professionalism.


Being a building maintenance manager comes with its set of problems however you can easily conquer all of them with the help of digital tools and get ahead of not only your projects but your schedule as well.

These softwares will help you in multiple tasks and quite frankly create your professional life easy. Choose one of these if you want to be professional by managing all your affairs effortlessly and boost sales by a large margin.

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