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Aspen Bridging approves a record £294m of lending in June

by LLP Reporter
8th Jul 20 3:55 pm

Aspen Bridging has reported one of its best months on record, approving £294m of deals across 382 cases in June.

The figures are up from £107m across 219 cases in May 2020, representing a 175% and 74% increase respectively, while the business achieved even greater growth of 301% in new lending month-on-month.

The average deal size rose to £770,000 from £488,000, the increase being trackable to when Aspen increased its top loan amount to £3m net at the end of May.

Aspen says its performance is down to a number of further factors including an increase in its maximum LTV to 75%, the reintroduction of its medium refurbishment and commercial product ranges and a 0.59% per month interest rate.

It has also cited its decision to lend and adapt throughout the Covid-19 crisis as a key contributory factor in creating broker trust.

Jack Coombs, director at Aspen said, “Clearly this is an excellent increase in approvals, enquiries and new lending, supported by the attractiveness of the new product range and by the increase in appetite from investors and property professionals to take on new projects as lockdown eases.

“Furthermore the major improvement in conversion and completion ratios shown in the much higher new lending figures, up 301%, just demonstrates both the increased willingness of borrowers to really progress deals and the strong appetite Aspen has for new business.

“Lenders who are low geared or equity funded like us will continue to reliably operate and offer brokers and customers a credible lending service, and by continuing to lend when others vacated the market we have substantially strengthened our reputation and market share.”

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