Home Property 70% of homesellers will decide immediately whether or not to sell to you

70% of homesellers will decide immediately whether or not to sell to you

by James Lockett
5th Aug 21 10:38 am

A bad first impression could be very costly for UK homebuyers if the latest research by the next-generation, virtual property viewings platform, U-See Homes, is anything to go by. 

While the market is booming, it’s very much become a seller’s market as huge numbers of homebuyers battle it out for the limited amount of homes currently on the market.

But slim pickings on the supply side could reduce even more for buyers with the wrong attitude, as the research by U-See Homes reveals that 58% of UK homesellers wouldn’t sell to a buyer that makes a bad first impression. 

70% of homesellers also stated that they would decide immediately whether a particular buyer was out of the running for their home, with a further 22% taking just a day or two to decide. 

But there’s yet more bad news for bad-mannered homebuyers. While money usually talks, UK homesellers are unlikely to be listening. 

48% said they would not change their mind regardless of how much a buyer offered above asking price, with a further 21% stating they would have to offer 20% or more to sway them into a sale – that’s nearly £51,000 or more on the current average UK house price. 

So what sort of home viewing faux pas is most likely to dump you out of the running for a home? 

General bad manners ranked as the main thing that sellers believe form a bad first impression while making negative comments about their home in front of them also caused offence. 

Not removing your shoes if asked can also land you in hot water, as well as failing to wear a face mask if requested. 

Luckily, punctuality didn’t rank as high, with arriving late or even early for a viewing less likely to lead to a bad first impression.

Simon Dempsey heads up marketing for U-See Homes and says, “As the saying goes ‘manners cost nothing’, but bad manners during the viewing process could cost you your dream home.

It’s important to remember that someone’s home will often hold a hefty level of sentimental value regardless of the fact that they are selling up. So you shouldn’t assume that they will sell to you just because you put in a good offer, or in many cases, even the highest offer. 

We all have our own visions and plans when moving into a new home and discussing these during the viewing process is no bad thing. It’s just important to do it with a bit of sensitivity in mind in front of the current owner.”

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