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You could add a swimming pool for less than BoJo’s Downing Street renovation

by LLP Editor
7th May 21 1:03 pm

Boris Johnson has described the row over his Downing Street refurbishment, a “farrago of nonsense”. However, research from Ascend Properties has revealed that for the average UK homeowner, £58,000 could make some significant home improvements.

With the majority of us having been cooped up over this last year, it is no surprise that home improvements have been hugely popular, especially as our homes have also become our offices and entertainment spaces. But just how much could you do with a similar budget to Boris?

The Bojo Makeover

With lockdown reminding us how much we value space within the home, maybe one of the most common home improvements you can make during your Bojo makeover is the addition of a conservatory (£8,308).

As many class the kitchen as the heart of the home and where they spend the majority of their time, it also makes sense to add a full kitchen revamp. Although at £8,000, it’s one of the pricier improvements you can make. While you’re at it, tackling the bathroom (£4,875), is a great way to spruce up your home, especially if you have a growing family.

Why stop at aesthetic improvements? If you’re working with the same budget as Bojo, you could add a new roof (£5,750), a new boiler or central heating (£2,375), or even double glazed windows (£6,592).

Even once the above is done, you’ll still have money left in the kitty for fitting solar panels (£4,750), landscaping the garden (£3,650) and a general re-decoration of the property (£2,863).

Even if you decided to do all of these things to your home, you’d still come in £10,837 under budget when compared to Boris Johnson. Alternatively, for half his budget you could add a full loft conversion to your home (£29,000).

Fancy something a little more luxurious?

Ascend’s research shows you could hire a butler for the year for £16,400 less (£41,600) than Bojo’s refurbishment. A car elevator would be a more affordable addition, setting you back just £35,000.

Or, you could add both a swimming pool (£25,000) and a wine cellar (£24,000) and it would still set you back less than the sum spent by Boris at Number 10.

Managing Director of Ascend Properties, Ged McPartlin, commented: “Boris may be keen to brush the donated cost of his Downing Street makeover under the carpet, but for the average homeowner £58,000 could go some way in sprucing up their home.

In fact, you could pretty much afford a complete overhaul, add an additional floor via a loft conversion, or even implement some extremely luxury features like a butler, an elevator for your car or a swimming pool and wine cellar.

Perhaps we should all start a GoFundMe for our own home renovations?”

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