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You can buy an entire Alpine village for less than a London home

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8th Jul 14 10:53 am

A village in the Italian Alps at the foot of the mountain Gran Paradiso is for sale on Ebay. Who can afford to buy an entire village in a stunning national park and close to Turin, I hear you ask?

Well, if you can afford to buy a home in London, you can afford the stunning 14 house Borgata Calsazio village.

Italian village

On Ebay for €245,000 (£194,000), the mountain retreat, which admittedly needs some TLC, is less than half the average London house price of £400,000.

Italian village

In fact, if it was available, you could buy two of these villages and still have some change left over for what you’d spend on a London flat.

Italian village

Marco Bussone, a representative of UNCEM, the National Union of Mountain Communities, told La Repubblica newspaper: “Calsazio would lend itself to being taken over by a private owner who could acquire all the buildings and redevelop them.

“The owners contacted us about a year ago when we opened up a process to identify possible villages that could be revitalized throughout the entire Alpine area of Piedmont.

“The buildings have distinctive architectural styles which need to be preserved. We couldn’t allow sloppy restorations that don’t fit in with the local traditions, especially as the village is close to the national park.”

Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

The good news, for whoever buys the village, is that UNCEM will provide a renovation master plan.

As of today, Tuesday 8 July, there’s six days left to bid on it.

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