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Yomdel initiative helps estate agents maximise returns on rising portal fees

by Andy Soloman, CEO of Yomdel
25th Apr 19 2:45 pm

Yomdel, the UK’s leading provider of managed live chat, has launched Yomdel Live Email, a new service that delivers a rapid personal response to new enquiries to ensure estate agents never miss another lead reaching them from property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Rightmove says agents will typically fail to follow up around 50% of all leads from its marketing platform, and with today’s tough trading conditions Yomdel Live Email will enable businesses to increase market share simply through contacting every single lead they receive.

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The service sees a skilled Yomdel operator sending a personal email response to new enquiries within 15 minutes to help people with their search, offer to book viewings or valuations, and importantly let people have a live chat with a professional property operator in just one click.

Founder and CEO of Yomdel, Andy Soloman said, “This is a huge opportunity for estate agents faced with declining transaction levels and a tougher market.

“Through responding to 100% of all leads as they come in around the clock, Yomdel will identify additional business opportunities, including capturing potential vendors way ahead of the competition.”

Yomdel provides managed live chat services to around 3,000 estate agents in the UK, and data proves its service is incredibly efficient at increasing website conversion by 50% or more, as well as delivering exceptional customer experience.

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Last week, Zoopla highlighted that most potential buyers view a property listing within an hour of it being posted online, and through providing an immediate, personalised response to these enquiries, Yomdel will set its clients apart when it comes to how responsive the customer perceives the agent to be.

With Yomdel Live Email allowing 100% lead capture it also results in an improved return on aggregator and portal fees, while helping to grow market share.

Soloman said, “This is vital now more than ever, as slower market conditions have seen many home sellers hold off from a sale and in addition to a smaller number of vendors, there’s also the threat of existing and new competition from online and hybrid agents.”

But it isn’t just about securing business. Yomdel Live Email allows you to up your customer service game with Yomdel’s award-winning formula of great customer service, great people and innovative technology enabling your business to respond quickly and effectively day and night.

Yomdel Live Email can be integrated with existing calendar software and requires no additional systems or software to run. It can be designed, deployed and activated within one to two weeks and works just as well across multibranch agents as it does for smaller independents.

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Soloman added, “We’ve been working on solving this problem of agents not dealing with their portal leads for some time and we are really happy with the quality and processes we have adopted. Enabling seamless communication across email and live chat means the customer is more empowered than ever before.

“Particularly where property is concerned, that first contact point is extremely important and capturing that lead can be the difference between success and failure. We know that the portals deliver a huge amount of inbound leads but for many agencies there simply isn’t the capacity to qualify and pursue every single one.

“With Yomdel Live Email, you can harvest 100% of leads that come through these channels so not only is there more opportunity to win business, but you make the most of the charges incurred for generating these leads in the first place. Providing a double-edged sword of cost saving with market share and revenue growth.”

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