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Why UK hotels will thrive in a post-Covid world

by John Saunders
1st Feb 21 5:57 pm

When it comes to industries that have suffered because of Covid-19, hospitality, leisure, and travel are up there as some of the worst affected. Millions of holidays have been delayed or cancelled thanks to countries shutting their borders and lockdowns forcing people to stay at home.

You might think this means that hotels are at risk of disappearing when the pandemic finally ends. However, that’s not the case at all. Holiday accommodation like this is bound to thrive in the near future for several excellent reasons.

More domestic travel

Plenty of people are itching to hop on a plane and stay somewhere that isn’t the UK. However, there are just as many, if not more, people who are hesitant to put their health at risk after such a trying time.

We’ll likely see a lot of domestic travel when restrictions start to lift, not least because international travel may still be relatively off-limits for a while. In fact, international tourism isn’t expected to return to form until at least 2023, according to experts. So, shorter journeys to rural areas – which the UK has plenty of – will probably be the favoured option for a while, particularly amongst the health-conscious.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the holidaymakers will necessarily choose a hotel over another form of accommodation. That brings us to the next point.

Greater cleanliness

In a post-covid world, cleanliness is a priority. The virus may well become like the flu, meaning there will always a possibility of catching it. If that’s the case, holiday accommodations will have to emphasise their hygiene policy to assure people that they’ll be safe with them.

Hotels may be better suited to this over Airbnb properties, for example, as people are more probably likely to trust an established business over a random homeowner. Hotels are already cleaned daily, and if they utilise the right cleaning companies, they can ensure their hygiene levels are to people’s preferences.

Cleaning services like Ideal Cleaning may find themselves busy over the coming months, as they cover an immense variety of workplaces, accommodation, and other establishments. It helps that they utilise processes that are almost 100% effective at removing Covid-19 particles. So, their solutions make them a cleaning company that hotels can rely on in this pandemic.

Cheaper prices

Hotels are well aware just how eager people are to get out of the house after all this time in lockdown. That puts them in a perfect position to fill their rooms with guests while also making up for lost business over the last year.

While some people might already be willing to stay with them once restrictions are lifted, hotels can entice more people by lowering their prices. A discount on rooms immediately after the pandemic will likely prevent a gradual increase in customers, and instead, make them relatively busy from the get-go.

Obviously, a lower price alone won’t necessarily be enough to convince everyone to stay with them. This will need to go hand-in-hand with exceptional cleanliness, especially as the pandemic has made many British travellers wary of hotel hygiene. However, if cleanliness is well-advertised and adhered to, and hotels offer perks like discounts, the guests should be back in no time.

The hotel industry may not return to normal the second that the pandemic is over. However, it’s bound to thrive much more than other industries post-Covid, giving it a good chance of returning to its former glory before too long.

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